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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
SkPDFCatalog.cpp 6.9 kB
SkPDFCatalog.h \class SkPDFCatalog The PDF catalog manages object numbers and file offsets. It is used to 4.5 kB
SkPDFDevice.cpp 86.8 kB
SkPDFDeviceFlattener.cpp 5.2 kB
SkPDFDeviceFlattener.h public SkPDFDevice 2.0 kB
SkPDFDocument.cpp 12.5 kB
SkPDFFont.cpp 53.7 kB
SkPDFFont.h 6.8 kB
SkPDFFontImpl.h 2.3 kB
SkPDFFormXObject.cpp Creates a FormXObject from a content stream and associated resources. 3.1 kB
SkPDFFormXObject.h public SkPDFStream 1.8 kB
SkPDFGraphicState.cpp 10.6 kB
SkPDFGraphicState.h public SkPDFDict 3.9 kB
SkPDFImage.cpp 22.8 kB
SkPDFImage.h public SkPDFStream 3.3 kB
SkPDFPage.cpp 6.2 kB
SkPDFPage.h public SkPDFDict 4.4 kB
SkPDFResourceDict.cpp 4.1 kB
SkPDFResourceDict.h public SkPDFDict 3.7 kB
SkPDFShader.cpp Assumes t + startOffset is on the stack and does a linear interpolation on t between startOffset 48.8 kB
SkPDFShader.h \class SkPDFShader In PDF parlance, this is a pattern, used in place of a color when the pa 2.3 kB
SkPDFStream.cpp 4.3 kB
SkPDFStream.h public SkPDFDict 3.0 kB
SkPDFTypes.cpp 15.5 kB
SkPDFTypes.h \class SkPDFObject A PDF Object is the base class for primitive elements in a PDF file. A 14.0 kB
SkPDFUtils.cpp 8.4 kB
SkPDFUtils.h 2.0 kB
SkTSet.h \class SkTSet<T> The SkTSet template class defines a set. Elements are additionally guarant 9.8 kB