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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
SkBitmapFilter_opts_SSE2.cpp 28.1 kB
SkBitmapFilter_opts_SSE2.h 1.4 kB
SkBitmapProcState_arm_neon.cpp 22.2 kB
SkBitmapProcState_filter_neon.h Filter_32_opaque * * There is no hard-n-fast rule that the filtering must produce * exact results 4.3 kB
SkBitmapProcState_matrixProcs_neon.cpp 7.8 kB
SkBitmapProcState_matrix_neon.h 16.5 kB
SkBitmapProcState_opts_SSE2.cpp 26.7 kB
SkBitmapProcState_opts_SSE2.h 1.5 kB
SkBitmapProcState_opts_SSSE3.cpp With the exception of the compilers that don't support it, we always build the * SSSE3 functions an 30.8 kB
SkBitmapProcState_opts_SSSE3.h 1.0 kB
SkBitmapProcState_opts_arm.cpp 12.8 kB
SkBitmapProcState_opts_mips_dsp.cpp 22.4 kB
SkBitmapProcState_opts_none.cpp A platform may optionally overwrite any of these with accelerated versions. On input, these will 818 Bytes
SkBlitMask_opts_arm.cpp This has been disabled until we can diagnose and fix the SIGILL generated ** in the NEON code. S 1.6 kB
SkBlitMask_opts_arm_neon.cpp 8.9 kB
SkBlitMask_opts_arm_neon.h 590 Bytes
SkBlitMask_opts_none.cpp 743 Bytes
SkBlitRect_opts_SSE2.cpp Simple blitting of opaque rectangles less than 31 pixels wide: * inlines and merges sections of Col 4.5 kB
SkBlitRect_opts_SSE2.h These functions' implementations copy sections of both * SkBlitRow_opts_SSE2 and SkUtils_opts_SSE2. 510 Bytes
SkBlitRow_opts_SSE2.cpp SSE2 version of S32_Blend_BlitRow32() * portable version is in core/SkBlitRow_D32.cpp 54.0 kB
SkBlitRow_opts_SSE2.h 2.1 kB
SkBlitRow_opts_SSE4.h Check if we are able to build assembly code, GCC/AT&T syntax: * 1) Clang and GCC are generally OK. 1.0 kB
SkBlitRow_opts_SSE4_asm.S void S32A_Opaque_BlitRow32_SSE4(SkPMColor* SK_RESTRICT dst, * const 20.9 kB
SkBlitRow_opts_SSE4_x64_asm.S void S32A_Opaque_BlitRow32_SSE4(SkPMColor* SK_RESTRICT dst, * const 20.8 kB
SkBlitRow_opts_arm.cpp 20.7 kB
SkBlitRow_opts_arm_neon.cpp 58.7 kB
SkBlitRow_opts_arm_neon.h 526 Bytes
SkBlitRow_opts_mips_dsp.cpp 53.0 kB
SkBlitRow_opts_none.cpp 539 Bytes
SkBlurImage_opts.h 679 Bytes
SkBlurImage_opts_SSE2.cpp Helper function to spread the components of a 32-bit integer into the * lower 8 bits of each 32-bit 3.9 kB
SkBlurImage_opts_SSE2.h 528 Bytes
SkBlurImage_opts_SSE4.cpp With the exception of the compilers that don't support it, we always build the * SSE4 functions and 4.2 kB
SkBlurImage_opts_SSE4.h 528 Bytes
SkBlurImage_opts_arm.cpp 668 Bytes
SkBlurImage_opts_neon.cpp Helper function to load 2 pixels from diffent rows to a 8x8 NEON register * and also pre-load pixel 6.7 kB
SkBlurImage_opts_neon.h 443 Bytes
SkBlurImage_opts_none.cpp 444 Bytes
SkColor_opts_SSE2.h 6.8 kB
SkColor_opts_neon.h This function expands 8 pixels from RGB565 (R, G, B from high to low) to * SkPMColor (all possible 3.8 kB
SkMath_opts_SSE2.h 1.7 kB
SkMorphology_opts.h 535 Bytes
SkMorphology_opts_SSE2.cpp SSE2 version of dilateX, dilateY, erodeX, erodeY. * portable versions are in src/effects/SkMorpholo 2.8 kB
SkMorphology_opts_SSE2.h 846 Bytes
SkMorphology_opts_arm.cpp 852 Bytes
SkMorphology_opts_neon.cpp neon version of dilateX, dilateY, erodeX, erodeY. * portable versions are in src/effects/SkMorpholo 2.8 kB
SkMorphology_opts_neon.h 737 Bytes
SkMorphology_opts_none.cpp 298 Bytes
SkTextureCompression_opts.h 452 Bytes
SkTextureCompression_opts_arm.cpp 888 Bytes
SkTextureCompression_opts_neon.cpp 8.9 kB
SkTextureCompression_opts_neon.h 426 Bytes
SkTextureCompression_opts_none.cpp 322 Bytes
SkUtils_opts_SSE2.cpp 2.8 kB
SkUtils_opts_SSE2.h 464 Bytes
SkUtils_opts_arm.cpp 1.5 kB
SkUtils_opts_none.cpp 383 Bytes
SkXfermode_opts_SSE2.cpp 31.6 kB
SkXfermode_opts_SSE2.h 1.2 kB
SkXfermode_opts_arm.cpp 970 Bytes
SkXfermode_opts_arm_neon.cpp 33.0 kB
SkXfermode_opts_arm_neon.h 1.4 kB
SkXfermode_opts_none.cpp 579 Bytes
memset.arm.S Changes: * 2010-08-11 Steve McIntyre <steve.mcintyre@arm.com> * Added small changes to the two 3.1 kB
memset16_neon.S 4.7 kB
memset32_neon.S 2.4 kB
opts_check_x86.cpp This file must *not* be compiled with -msse or any other optional SIMD extension, otherwise gcc m 13.1 kB