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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
SkBitmapCache.cpp 3.5 kB
SkBitmapCache.h SkNoncopyable 1.0 kB
SkClampRange.cpp returns [0..count] for the number of steps (<= count) for which x0 <= edge * given each step is fo 3.5 kB
SkClampRange.h Iteration fixed fx by dx, clamping as you go to [0..0xFFFF], this class * computes the (up to) 3 s 869 Bytes
SkGradientShader.cpp 45.9 kB
SkGradientShaderPriv.h 15.3 kB
SkLinearGradient.cpp 21.2 kB
SkLinearGradient.h public SkGradientShaderBase 1.7 kB
SkRadialGradient.cpp 22.5 kB
SkRadialGradient.h public SkGradientShaderBase 1.7 kB
SkRadialGradient_Table.h 13.0 kB
SkSweepGradient.cpp 11.5 kB
SkSweepGradient.h public SkGradientShaderBase 1.7 kB
SkTwoPointConicalGradient.cpp 13.7 kB
SkTwoPointConicalGradient.h public SkGradientShaderBase 3.2 kB
SkTwoPointConicalGradient_gpu.cpp We have three general cases for 2pt conical gradients. First we always assume that * the start radi 52.5 kB
SkTwoPointConicalGradient_gpu.h 647 Bytes
SkTwoPointRadialGradient.cpp 26.1 kB
SkTwoPointRadialGradient.h public SkGradientShaderBase 2.2 kB