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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
SkAAClip.cpp Data runs are packed [count, alpha] 60.9 kB
SkAAClip.h 3.6 kB
SkAdvancedTypefaceMetrics.cpp 12.2 kB
SkAlphaRuns.cpp 1.6 kB
SkAnnotation.cpp 2.3 kB
SkAntiRun.h Sparse array of run-length-encoded alpha (supersampling coverage) values. Sparseness allows us t 5.8 kB
SkAutoKern.h this is a helper class to perform auto-kerning * the adjust() method returns a SkFixed correspondin 1.3 kB
SkBBHFactory.cpp 1.8 kB
SkBBoxHierarchy.h public SkRefCnt 3.1 kB
SkBBoxHierarchyRecord.cpp 4.2 kB
SkBBoxHierarchyRecord.h public SkBBoxRecord 1.6 kB
SkBBoxRecord.cpp 12.7 kB
SkBBoxRecord.h public SkPictureRecord 4.3 kB
SkBitmap.cpp 43.9 kB
SkBitmapDevice.cpp 12.8 kB
SkBitmapFilter.cpp 5.1 kB
SkBitmapFilter.h 5.2 kB
SkBitmapHeap.cpp 14.1 kB
SkBitmapHeap.h SkBitmapHeapEntry provides users of SkBitmapHeap (using internal storage) with a means to... * (1) 11.0 kB
SkBitmapProcShader.cpp 15.2 kB
SkBitmapProcShader.h public SkShader 2.9 kB
SkBitmapProcState.cpp For the purposes of drawing bitmaps, if a matrix is "almost" translate * go ahead and treat it as 37.8 kB
SkBitmapProcState.h 9.0 kB
SkBitmapProcState_filter.h Filter_32_opaque There is no hard-n-fast rule that the filtering must produce exact results 3.7 kB
SkBitmapProcState_matrix.h 5.5 kB
SkBitmapProcState_matrixProcs.cpp returns 0...(n-1) given any x (positive or negative). As an example, if n (which is always posi 16.4 kB
SkBitmapProcState_matrix_template.h 4.3 kB
SkBitmapProcState_procs.h 13.8 kB
SkBitmapProcState_sample.h 7.7 kB
SkBitmapProcState_shaderproc.h 2.8 kB
SkBitmapProcState_utils.h The decal_ functions require that * 1. dx > 0 * 2. [fx, fx+dx, fx+2dx, fx+3dx, ... fx+(count-1)d 1.6 kB
SkBitmapScaler.cpp 14.3 kB
SkBitmapScaler.h \class SkBitmapScaler Provides the interface for high quality image resampling. 3.8 kB
SkBitmap_scroll.cpp 2.8 kB
SkBlitBWMaskTemplate.h SK_BLITBWMASK_NAME name of function(const SkBitmap& bitmap, const SkMask& mask, const SkIRe 4.1 kB
SkBlitMask.h 3.0 kB
SkBlitMask_D32.cpp 20.1 kB
SkBlitRow_D16.cpp 8.2 kB
SkBlitRow_D32.cpp 7.1 kB
SkBlitter.cpp 33.0 kB
SkBlitter.h SkBlitter and its subclasses are responsible for actually writing pixels into memory. Besides ef 7.8 kB
SkBlitter_A8.cpp 13.1 kB
SkBlitter_ARGB32.cpp 21.7 kB
SkBlitter_RGB16.cpp 37.3 kB
SkBlitter_Sprite.cpp 2.7 kB
SkBuffer.cpp 3.1 kB
SkBuffer.h \class SkRBuffer Light weight class for reading data from a memory block. The RBuffer is gi 5.5 kB
SkCanvas.cpp 77.1 kB
SkChecksum.h SkNoncopyable 5.6 kB
SkChunkAlloc.cpp 3.5 kB
SkClipStack.cpp 30.7 kB
SkColor.cpp 3.0 kB
SkColorFilter.cpp 1.2 kB
SkColorTable.cpp 3.2 kB
SkComposeShader.cpp 6.3 kB
SkConfig8888.cpp 8.5 kB
SkConfig8888.h 917 Bytes
SkConvolver.cpp 21.5 kB
SkConvolver.h 8.4 kB
SkCoreBlitters.h 7.0 kB
SkCubicClipper.cpp 4.7 kB
SkCubicClipper.h This class is initialized with a clip rectangle, and then can be fed cubics, which must already 778 Bytes
SkData.cpp empty 4.2 kB
SkDataTable.cpp 5.1 kB
SkDebug.cpp 993 Bytes
SkDeque.cpp 8.6 kB
SkDescriptor.h SkNoncopyable 4.7 kB
SkDevice.cpp 4.1 kB
SkDeviceImageFilterProxy.h public SkImageFilter 1.1 kB
SkDeviceLooper.cpp 3.9 kB
SkDeviceLooper.h Helper class to manage "tiling" a large coordinate space into managable * chunks, where managable 3.1 kB
SkDeviceProfile.cpp 2.4 kB
SkDeviceProfile.h public SkRefCnt 3.2 kB
SkDiscardableMemory.h Interface for discardable memory. Implementation is provided by the * embedder. 1.8 kB
SkDistanceFieldGen.cpp 17.9 kB
SkDistanceFieldGen.h Given 8-bit mask data, generate the associated distance field * @param distanceField The dist 2.8 kB
SkDither.cpp The base dither matrix we use to derive optimized ones for 565 and 4444 { 0, 32, 8, 40, 2, 3 1.5 kB
SkDraw.cpp Helper for allocating small blitters on the stack. 80.0 kB
SkDrawLooper.cpp 1.8 kB
SkDrawProcs.h 4.5 kB
SkEdge.cpp In setLine, setQuadratic, setCubic, the first thing we do is to convert the points into FDot6. T 14.3 kB
SkEdge.h 3.5 kB
SkEdgeBuilder.cpp 10.0 kB
SkEdgeBuilder.h 1.3 kB
SkEdgeClipper.cpp src[] must be monotonic in Y. This routine copies src into dst, and sorts it to be increasing in Y. 16.7 kB
SkEdgeClipper.h This is basically an iterator. It is initialized with an edge and a clip, and then next() is cal 1.4 kB
SkEmptyShader.h public SkShader 1.1 kB
SkError.cpp 4.3 kB
SkErrorInternals.h 629 Bytes
SkFDot6.h This uses the magic number approach suggested here: * http://stereopsis.com/sree/fpu2006.html and u 1.7 kB
SkFilterProc.cpp [1-x 1-y] [x 1-y] [1-x y] [x y] 13.7 kB
SkFilterProc.h 3.8 kB
SkFilterShader.cpp 3.7 kB
SkFilterShader.h public SkShader 1.5 kB
SkFlate.cpp 3.6 kB
SkFlate.h \class SkFlate A class to provide access to the flate compression algorithm. 1.4 kB
SkFlattenable.cpp 3.9 kB
SkFlattenableSerialization.cpp 853 Bytes
SkFloat.cpp 8.8 kB
SkFloat.h 3.9 kB
SkFloatBits.cpp SkFloatBits_toInt[Floor, Round, Ceil] are identical except for what they do right before they re 6.5 kB
SkFont.cpp 4.7 kB
SkFontDescriptor.cpp 2.3 kB
SkFontDescriptor.h 1.3 kB
SkFontHost.cpp 8.9 kB
SkFontStream.cpp Return the number of tables, or if this is a TTC (collection), return the number of tables in th 6.6 kB
SkFontStream.h 1.4 kB
SkGeometry.cpp 45.3 kB
SkGeometry.h An XRay is a half-line that runs from the specific point/origin to +infinity in the X direction. 12.3 kB
SkGlyph.h 3.9 kB
SkGlyphCache.cpp 23.2 kB
SkGlyphCache.h \class SkGlyphCache This class represents a strike: a specific combination of typeface, size, 10.8 kB
SkGlyphCache_Globals.h 3.3 kB
SkGraphics.cpp 4.5 kB
SkImageFilter.cpp 14.4 kB
SkImageGenerator.cpp 3.5 kB
SkImageGeneratorPriv.h Takes ownership of SkImageGenerator. If this method fails for * whatever reason, it will return f 1.3 kB
SkImageInfo.cpp 2.1 kB
SkInstCnt.cpp 231 Bytes
SkLazyFnPtr.h Declare a lazily-chosen static function pointer of type F. * * Example usage: * * typedef int 1.9 kB
SkLazyPtr.h Declare a lazily-chosen static pointer (or array of pointers) of type F. * * Example usage: * * 5.6 kB
SkLineClipper.cpp 8.6 kB
SkLineClipper.h 1.6 kB
SkLocalMatrixShader.cpp 1.9 kB
SkLocalMatrixShader.h public SkShader 2.3 kB
SkMallocPixelRef.cpp 6.4 kB
SkMask.cpp returns the product if it is positive and fits in 31 bits. Otherwise this returns 0. 1.9 kB
SkMaskFilter.cpp 11.8 kB
SkMaskGamma.cpp static 5.0 kB
SkMaskGamma.h SkColorSpaceLuminance is used to convert luminances to and from linear and * perceptual color space 9.1 kB
SkMath.cpp 7.6 kB
SkMathPriv.h Returns -1 if n < 0, else returns 0 2.2 kB
SkMatrix.cpp [scale-x skew-x trans-x] [X] [X'] [skew-y scale-y trans-y] * [Y] = [Y'] 57.0 kB
SkMatrixClipStateMgr.cpp 14.5 kB
SkMatrixClipStateMgr.h 12.6 kB
SkMatrixUtils.h Number of subpixel bits used in skia's bilerp. * See SkBitmapProcState_procs.h and SkBitmapProcSta 1.9 kB
SkMessageBus.h SkNoncopyable 3.5 kB
SkMetaData.cpp 8.0 kB
SkMipMap.cpp 6.6 kB
SkMipMap.h public SkRefCnt 905 Bytes
SkOrderedReadBuffer.h 248 Bytes
SkPackBits.cpp 11.5 kB
SkPaint.cpp 90.5 kB
SkPaintDefaults.h Any of these can be specified by the build system (or SkUserConfig.h) * to change the default valu 815 Bytes
SkPaintOptionsAndroid.cpp 1.1 kB
SkPaintPriv.cpp 2.8 kB
SkPaintPriv.h Returns true if draw calls that use the paint will completely occlude canvas contents that are c 964 Bytes
SkPatch.cpp Evaluator to sample the values of a cubic bezier using forward differences. * Forward differences i 9.1 kB
SkPath.cpp Path.bounds is defined to be the bounds of all the control points. * If we called bounds.join(r) w 92.5 kB
SkPathEffect.cpp Format: [oe0-factory][pe1-factory][pe0-size][pe0-data][pe1-data] 2.5 kB
SkPathHeap.cpp 2.5 kB
SkPathHeap.h public SkRefCnt 2.0 kB
SkPathMeasure.cpp 16.8 kB
SkPathRef.cpp empty 16.7 kB
SkPerspIter.h 1.4 kB
SkPicture.cpp 15.2 kB
SkPictureData.cpp 44.7 kB
SkPictureData.h 9.6 kB
SkPictureFlat.cpp 2.3 kB
SkPictureFlat.h 20.5 kB
SkPicturePlayback.cpp Read the next op code and chunk size from 'reader'. The returned size * is the entire size of the c 19.0 kB
SkPicturePlayback.h SkNoncopyable 2.5 kB
SkPictureRangePlayback.cpp 1.7 kB
SkPictureRangePlayback.h public SkPicturePlayback 1.2 kB
SkPictureRecord.cpp 61.9 kB
SkPictureRecord.h public SkCanvas 12.3 kB
SkPictureRecorder.cpp 2.7 kB
SkPictureReplacementPlayback.cpp 6.2 kB
SkPictureReplacementPlayback.h public SkPicturePlayback 3.2 kB
SkPictureShader.cpp 7.2 kB
SkPictureShader.h public SkShader 2.5 kB
SkPictureStateTree.cpp 7.5 kB
SkPictureStateTree.h public SkRefCnt 4.8 kB
SkPixelRef.cpp 7.7 kB
SkPoint.cpp 8.8 kB
SkProcSpriteBlitter.cpp public SkSpriteBlitter 1.4 kB
SkPtrRecorder.cpp 1.7 kB
SkPtrRecorder.h Maintains a set of ptrs, assigning each a unique ID [1...N]. Duplicate ptrs * return the same ID ( 4.3 kB
SkQuadClipper.cpp If we somehow returned the fact that we had to flip the pts in Y, we could communicate that to setQ 3.4 kB
SkQuadClipper.h This class is initialized with a clip rectangle, and then can be fed quads, which must already b 1.9 kB
SkQuadTree.cpp 6.5 kB
SkQuadTree.h public SkBBoxHierarchy 3.3 kB
SkRRect.cpp 17.9 kB
SkRTree.cpp 18.4 kB
SkRTree.h public SkBBoxHierarchy 7.4 kB
SkRasterClip.cpp 7.1 kB
SkRasterClip.h 4.5 kB
SkRasterizer.cpp Our default implementation of the virtual method just scan converts 1.5 kB
SkReadBuffer.cpp 11.7 kB
SkRecord.h you probably want to look at SkRecorder which presents an SkCanvas interface 9.6 kB
SkRecordAnalysis.cpp SkRecords visitor to determine whether an instance may require an "external" bitmap to rasterize 2.4 kB
SkRecordAnalysis.h 184 Bytes
SkRecordDraw.cpp 3.1 kB
SkRecordDraw.h 1.6 kB
SkRecordOpts.cpp 11.1 kB
SkRecordOpts.h 1.2 kB
SkRecordPattern.h 5.7 kB
SkRecorder.cpp 9.5 kB
SkRecorder.h public SkCanvas 4.5 kB
SkRecording.cpp 1.1 kB
SkRecords.h 11.1 kB
SkRect.cpp 4.4 kB
SkRefDict.cpp 1.8 kB
SkRefDict.h SkNoncopyable 1.3 kB
SkRegion.cpp Region Layout * * TOP * * [ Bottom, X-Intervals, [Left, Right]..., X-Sentinel ] * ... * * 43.1 kB
SkRegionPriv.h 7.1 kB
SkRegion_path.cpp 15.5 kB
SkScalar.cpp 1.1 kB
SkScaledImageCache.cpp 22.8 kB
SkScaledImageCache.h Cache object for bitmaps (with possible scale in X Y as part of the key). * * Multiple caches can 7.2 kB
SkScalerContext.cpp 33.4 kB
SkScalerContext.h To allow this to be forward-declared, it must be its own typename, rather * than a nested struct i 12.8 kB
SkScan.cpp 2.9 kB
SkScan.h Defines a fixed-point rectangle, identical to the integer SkIRect, but its coordinates are treat 4.8 kB
SkScanPriv.h 1.2 kB
SkScan_AntiPath.cpp @file We have two techniques for capturing the output of the supersampler: - SUPERMASK, whic 23.8 kB
SkScan_Antihair.cpp Our attempt to compute the worst case "bounds" for the horizontal and vertical cases has some nu 32.5 kB
SkScan_Hairline.cpp 13.3 kB
SkScan_Path.cpp 22.0 kB
SkShader.cpp 11.2 kB
SkSinTable.h Fixed point values (low 16 bits) of sin(radians) for radians in [0...PI/2) 3.5 kB
SkSmallAllocator.h SkNoncopyable 6.0 kB
SkSpriteBlitter.h public SkBlitter 1.4 kB
SkSpriteBlitterTemplate.h 2.3 kB
SkSpriteBlitter_ARGB32.cpp 10.1 kB
SkSpriteBlitter_RGB16.cpp 14.8 kB
SkStream.cpp 24.0 kB
SkStreamPriv.h Copy the provided stream to memory allocated by storage. * Used by SkImageDecoder_libbmp and SkIma 1.6 kB
SkString.cpp 17.7 kB
SkStringUtils.cpp 452 Bytes
SkStringUtils.h Add 'flagStr' to 'string' and set 'needSeparator' to true only if 'flag' is * true. If 'needSeparat 608 Bytes
SkStroke.cpp 24.8 kB
SkStroke.h \class SkStroke SkStroke is the utility class that constructs paths by stroking geometries ( 1.6 kB
SkStrokeRec.cpp 3.2 kB
SkStrokerPriv.cpp 8.4 kB
SkStrokerPriv.h 1.2 kB
SkTDynamicHash.h 9.4 kB
SkTInternalSList.h This macro creates the methods required by the SkTInternalSList class. * It should be instantiated 4.0 kB
SkTLList.h SkNoncopyable 13.4 kB
SkTLS.cpp 2.9 kB
SkTLS.h Maintains a per-thread cache, using a CreateProc as the key into that cache. 2.7 kB
SkTMultiMap.h A set that contains pointers to instances of T. Instances can be looked up with key Key. * Multiple 3.1 kB
SkTObjectPool.h An implementation of a self growing pool of objects. * It maintains a pool of fully initialized obj 3.2 kB
SkTRefArray.h public SkRefCnt 3.4 kB
SkTSearch.cpp 2.8 kB
SkTSort.h A comparison functor which performs the comparison 'a < b'. 7.3 kB
SkTextFormatParams.h 1.4 kB
SkTextMapStateProc.h 2.0 kB
SkTextToPathIter.h 1.3 kB
SkThreadPriv.h Atomic compare and set, for pointers. * If *addr == before, set *addr to after. Always returns pr 682 Bytes
SkTileGrid.cpp 5.0 kB
SkTileGrid.h public SkBBoxHierarchy 5.2 kB
SkTraceEvent.h 59.4 kB
SkTypeface.cpp create 11.0 kB
SkTypefaceCache.cpp 4.0 kB
SkTypefaceCache.h TODO * Provide std way to cache name+requestedStyle aliases to the same typeface. * * The curre 3.1 kB
SkTypefacePriv.h Return a ref'd typeface, which must later be unref'd * * If the parameter is non-null, it will be 1.0 kB
SkUnPreMultiply.cpp 4.9 kB
SkUtils.cpp 10.9 kB
SkUtilsArm.cpp 6.2 kB
SkUtilsArm.h 2.8 kB
SkValidatingReadBuffer.cpp 8.0 kB
SkValidatingReadBuffer.h public SkReadBuffer 2.8 kB
SkValidationUtils.h Returns true if coeff's value is in the SkXfermode::Coeff enum. 1.1 kB
SkVertState.cpp 2.8 kB
SkVertState.h \struct VertState This is a helper for drawVertices(). It is used to iterate over the triangles 1.6 kB
SkWriteBuffer.cpp 10.5 kB
SkWriter32.cpp Strings are stored as: length[4-bytes] + string_data + '\0' + pad_to_mul_4 3.2 kB
SkXfermode.cpp 77.5 kB
SkXfermode_proccoeff.h 2.0 kB