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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
2D.h 44.5 kB
BaseCoord.h Do not use this class directly. Subclass it, pass that subclass as the * Sub parameter, and only us 2.9 kB
BaseMargin.h Sides represents a set of physical sides. 3.8 kB
BasePoint.h Do not use this class directly. Subclass it, pass that subclass as the * Sub parameter, and only us 2.5 kB
BasePoint3D.h Do not use this class directly. Subclass it, pass that subclass as the * Sub parameter, and only us 2.9 kB
BasePoint4D.h Do not use this class directly. Subclass it, pass that subclass as the * Sub parameter, and only us 3.3 kB
BaseRect.h Rectangles have two interpretations: a set of (zero-size) points, * and a rectangular area of the p 20.1 kB
BaseSize.h Do not use this class directly. Subclass it, pass that subclass as the * Sub parameter, and only us 2.5 kB
Blur.cpp Box blur involves looking at one pixel, and setting its value to the average * of its neighbouring 25.8 kB
Blur.h Implementation of a triple box blur approximation of a Gaussian blur. * * A Gaussian blur is good 5.5 kB
BlurSSE2.cpp 13.0 kB
BorrowedContext.h This is a helper class that let's you borrow a cairo_t from a * DrawTargetCairo. This is used for d 3.5 kB
Coord.h primitive 4.8 kB
DataSourceSurface.cpp 540 Bytes
DataSourceSurfaceWrapper.h public DataSourceSurface 1.4 kB
DataSurfaceHelpers.cpp 8.6 kB
DataSurfaceHelpers.h Copy the pixel data from aSrc and pack it into aDst. aSrcSize, aSrcStride * and aBytesPerPixel give 3.6 kB
DrawCommand.h 11.5 kB
DrawEventRecorder.cpp 1.2 kB
DrawEventRecorder.h 1.8 kB
DrawTarget.cpp 1.1 kB
DrawTargetCG.cpp 63.6 kB
DrawTargetCG.h 7.9 kB
DrawTargetCairo.cpp 51.4 kB
DrawTargetCairo.h public DrawTarget 9.1 kB
DrawTargetCapture.cpp 5.7 kB
DrawTargetCapture.h 6.4 kB
DrawTargetD2D.cpp 87.7 kB
DrawTargetD2D.h public DrawTarget 11.6 kB
DrawTargetD2D1.cpp 44.3 kB
DrawTargetD2D1.h public DrawTarget 9.4 kB
DrawTargetDual.cpp This only needs to split patterns up for SurfacePatterns. Only in that * case can we be dealing wit 6.3 kB
DrawTargetDual.h public DrawTarget 6.5 kB
DrawTargetRecording.cpp 20.6 kB
DrawTargetRecording.h public DrawTarget 11.5 kB
DrawTargetSkia.cpp 29.4 kB
DrawTargetSkia.h public DrawTarget 6.4 kB
DrawTargetTiled.cpp 10.3 kB
DrawTargetTiled.h public DrawTarget 7.9 kB
Factory.cpp 22.1 kB
FilterNodeD2D1.cpp 36.1 kB
FilterNodeD2D1.h public FilterNode 4.2 kB
FilterNodeSoftware.cpp This class provides a way to get a pow() results in constant-time. It works * by caching 256 values 103.4 kB
FilterNodeSoftware.h public FilterNode 27.7 kB
FilterProcessing.cpp 8.3 kB
FilterProcessing.h 9.3 kB
FilterProcessingSIMD-inl.h 50.4 kB
FilterProcessingSSE2.cpp 4.9 kB
FilterProcessingScalar.cpp 10.6 kB
Filters.h 13.9 kB
GenericRefCounted.h public GenericRefCountedBase 4.0 kB
GradientStopsD2D.h public GradientStops 1.1 kB
Helpers.h 1.7 kB
HelpersCairo.h 8.4 kB
HelpersD2D.h 19.7 kB
HelpersSkia.h 10.9 kB
ImageScaling.cpp 7.5 kB
ImageScaling.h 2.7 kB
ImageScalingSSE2.cpp The functions below use the following system for averaging 4 pixels: * * The first observation is 12.4 kB
Logging.h 18.6 kB
MacIOSurface.cpp 19.4 kB
MacIOSurface.h 9.6 kB
Makefile.in 517 Bytes
Matrix.cpp 7.6 kB
Matrix.h 28.4 kB
Path.cpp 16.5 kB
PathAnalysis.h 1.5 kB
PathCG.cpp 9.5 kB
PathCG.h 3.3 kB
PathCairo.cpp 8.3 kB
PathCairo.h public Path 3.2 kB
PathD2D.cpp 12.0 kB
PathD2D.h 3.5 kB
PathHelpers.cpp 8.7 kB
PathHelpers.h 14.0 kB
PathRecording.cpp 3.1 kB
PathRecording.h 4.4 kB
PathSkia.cpp 6.2 kB
PathSkia.h public Path 2.8 kB
PatternHelpers.h This class is used to allow general pattern creation functions to return * any type of pattern via 4.8 kB
Point.h 7.8 kB
QuartzSupport.h 4.0 kB
QuartzSupport.mm 21.7 kB
RadialGradientEffectD2D1.cpp 12.3 kB
RadialGradientEffectD2D1.h 3.4 kB
RecordedEvent.cpp 45.0 kB
RecordedEvent.h 32.3 kB
RecordingTypes.h 1.0 kB
Rect.h 6.7 kB
SIMD.h Consumers of this file need to #define SIMD_COMPILE_SSE2 before including it * if they want access 34.8 kB
SSEHelpers.h Before Nehalem _mm_loadu_si128 could be very slow, this trick is a little * faster. Once enough peo 727 Bytes
SVGTurbulenceRenderer-inl.h 12.5 kB
Scale.cpp 1.7 kB
Scale.h Scale an image using a high-quality filter. * * Synchronously scales an image and writes the outpu 1.3 kB
ScaleFactor.h This class represents a scaling factor between two different pixel unit * systems. This is effectiv 2.8 kB
ScaledFontBase.cpp 4.9 kB
ScaledFontBase.h public ScaledFont 1.8 kB
ScaledFontCairo.cpp 1.9 kB
ScaledFontCairo.h public ScaledFontBase 1.7 kB
ScaledFontDWrite.cpp 11.8 kB
ScaledFontDWrite.h 2.0 kB
ScaledFontMac.cpp 8.8 kB
ScaledFontMac.h public ScaledFontBase 1.8 kB
ScaledFontWin.cpp 719 Bytes
ScaledFontWin.h public ScaledFontBase 861 Bytes
ShadersD2D.fx 23.3 kB
ShadersD2D.h 603.0 kB
ShadersD2D1.h 49.2 kB
ShadersD2D1.hlsl 4.7 kB
SourceSurfaceCG.cpp 13.2 kB
SourceSurfaceCG.h public SourceSurface 6.0 kB
SourceSurfaceCairo.cpp 4.1 kB
SourceSurfaceCairo.h public SourceSurface 2.1 kB
SourceSurfaceD2D.cpp 7.9 kB
SourceSurfaceD2D.h public SourceSurface 2.3 kB
SourceSurfaceD2D1.cpp 5.4 kB
SourceSurfaceD2D1.h public SourceSurface 3.0 kB
SourceSurfaceD2DTarget.cpp 7.6 kB
SourceSurfaceD2DTarget.h public SourceSurface 2.8 kB
SourceSurfaceDual.h public SourceSurface 1.2 kB
SourceSurfaceRawData.cpp 2.6 kB
SourceSurfaceRawData.h public DataSourceSurface 2.2 kB
SourceSurfaceSkia.cpp 3.9 kB
SourceSurfaceSkia.h public DataSourceSurface 1.9 kB
StackArray.h A handy class that will allocate data for size*T objects on the stack and * otherwise allocate them 821 Bytes
Tools.h 5.8 kB
Types.h 7.5 kB
UserData.h destroyFunc destroy 3.0 kB
convolver.cpp 19.7 kB
convolver.h 7.9 kB
convolverSSE2.cpp 21.0 kB
convolverSSE2.h 3.3 kB
genshaders.sh 557 Bytes
gfx2d.sln 1.5 kB
gfx2d.vcxproj 6.7 kB
image_operations.cpp 22.4 kB
image_operations.h 6.7 kB
moz-d2d1-1.h 10.7 kB
moz.build 4.3 kB