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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
elfhack Elfhack is a program to optimize ELF binaries for size and cold startup
Makefile.in 613 Bytes
add_phony_targets.py 940 Bytes
aix.exp 212 Bytes
moz.build 473 Bytes
mozconfig.asan 896 Bytes
mozconfig.linux 1.5 kB
mozconfig.linux32 407 Bytes
mozilla.in 2.5 kB
print-failed-commands.sh 832 Bytes
print-non-newline.sh 766 Bytes
rewrite_asan_dylib.py Scans the given directories for binaries referencing the AddressSanitizer runtime library, copies it 2.3 kB
run-gprof.sh 414 Bytes
run-hiprof.sh 548 Bytes
run-mozilla.sh 8.9 kB
run-third.sh 567 Bytes
uniq.py Prints the given arguments in sorted order with duplicates removed. 353 Bytes