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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
droidsut_launch.py 1.6 kB
manifest.ini 349 Bytes
sut.py 3.1 kB
sut_app.py 524 Bytes
sut_basic.py Tests DeviceManager initialization. 3.0 kB
sut_chmod.py 660 Bytes
sut_copytree.py 2.7 kB
sut_fileExists.py 867 Bytes
sut_fileMethods.py Class to test misc file methods 2.5 kB
sut_info.py 2.3 kB
sut_ip.py class to test IP methods 1.5 kB
sut_kill.py 775 Bytes
sut_list.py 707 Bytes
sut_logcat.py Class to test methods assosiated with logcat 2.8 kB
sut_mkdir.py Ensure that all dirs are created when last path part also found earlier in the path (bug 826 3.0 kB
sut_movetree.py 2.7 kB
sut_ps.py 1.5 kB
sut_pull.py 1.9 kB
sut_push.py 3.3 kB
sut_remove.py 867 Bytes
sut_time.py 460 Bytes
sut_unpackfile.py 697 Bytes