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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 7.4 kB
_stream_base.py Base stream class. 5.2 kB
_stream_hixie75.py This file provides a class for parsing/building frames of the WebSocket protocol version HyBi 00 and 8.8 kB
_stream_hybi.py This file provides classes and helper functions for parsing/building frames of the WebSocket protoco 26.3 kB
common.py 6.3 kB
dispatch.py Dispatch WebSocket request. 14.2 kB
extensions.py WebSocket DEFLATE stream extension processor. 9.3 kB
headerparserhandler.py PythonHeaderParserHandler for mod_pywebsocket. Apache HTTP Server and mod_python must be configured 9.5 kB
http_header_util.py Utilities for parsing and formatting headers that follow the grammar defined in HTTP RFC http://www. 6.9 kB
memorizingfile.py Memorizing file. A memorizing file wraps a file and memorizes lines read by readline. 3.7 kB
msgutil.py Message related utilities. Note: request.connection.write/read are used in this module, even though 7.6 kB
stream.py This file exports public symbols. 2.7 kB
util.py WebSocket utilities. 16.3 kB