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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 2.0 kB
cdbhdl.h certificate database handle 1.3 kB
config.mk 1.5 kB
dbmshim.c Berkeley DB 1.85 Shim code to handle blobs. 15.2 kB
keydb.c Record keys for keydb 53.8 kB
keydbi.h Handle structure for open key databases 1.5 kB
lgattr.c Internal PKCS #11 functions. Should only be called by pkcs11.c 50.4 kB
lgcreate.c Object Creation Utilities *************************** 27.8 kB
lgdb.h Internal data structures and functions used by pkcs11.c 5.7 kB
lgdestroy.c Internal PKCS #11 functions. Should only be called by pkcs11.c 3.0 kB
lgfind.c This code maps PKCS #11 Finds to legacy database searches. This code * was orginally in pkcs11.c in 24.2 kB
lginit.c Library identity and versioning 14.6 kB
lgutil.c Attribute Utilities ******************************* 9.8 kB
lowcert.c Certificate handling code 23.0 kB
lowkey.c ASN1 Templates for new decoder/encoder 13.8 kB
lowkeyi.h See bugzilla bug 125359 * Since NSS (via PKCS#11) wants to handle big integers as unsigned ints, * 5.0 kB
lowkeyti.h a key in/for the data base 3.5 kB
manifest.mn 579 Bytes
nssdbm.def 1.3 kB
nssdbm.rc 2.0 kB
pcert.h initialize any global certificate locks 7.4 kB
pcertdb.c Permanent Certificate database handling code 131.0 kB
pcertt.h certt.h - public data structures for the certificate library 11.8 kB
pk11db.c The following code handles the storage of PKCS 11 modules used by the * NSS. This file is written t 20.7 kB