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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 1.9 kB
adapters.py requests.adapters ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This module contains the transport adapters that Requests uses 16.8 kB
api.py requests.api ~~~~~~~~~~~~ This module implements the Requests API. :copyright: (c) 2012 by Kenneth 4.9 kB
auth.py requests.auth ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This module contains the authentication handlers for Requests. 6.7 kB
cacert.pem 308.4 kB
certs.py certs.py ~~~~~~~~ This module returns the preferred default CA certificate bundle. If you are pack 613 Bytes
compat.py pythoncompat 2.6 kB
cookies.py Compatibility code to be able to use `cookielib.CookieJar` with requests. requests.utils imports fr 16.7 kB
exceptions.py requests.exceptions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This module contains the set of Requests' exceptions. 2.5 kB
hooks.py requests.hooks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This module provides the capabilities for the Requests hooks system. 820 Bytes
models.py requests.models ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This module contains the primary objects that power Requests. 28.1 kB
sessions.py requests.session ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This module provides a Session object to manage and persist setti 24.3 kB
status_codes.py 3.2 kB
structures.py requests.structures ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Data structures that power Requests. 3.0 kB
utils.py requests.utils ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This module provides utility functions that are used within Requests 20.9 kB