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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
about.css 888 Bytes
aboutAddons.css Settings 6.0 kB
aboutApps.css 963 Bytes
aboutBase.css 2.6 kB
aboutDevices.css 65 Bytes
aboutDownloads.css 1.3 kB
aboutFeedback.css 2.5 kB
aboutHealthReport.css 146 Bytes
aboutMemory.css The version used for desktop is located at * toolkit/components/aboutmemory/content/aboutMemory.css 2.1 kB
aboutPage.css 2.1 kB
aboutPrivateBrowsing.css 1.1 kB
aboutReader.css 11.2 kB
aboutSupport.css 1.4 kB
browser.css Optimization for tabs that are restored lazily. We can save a good amount of * memory that to-be-re 526 Bytes
config.css 6.8 kB
content.css Style the scrollbars 7.5 kB
defines.inc 4.0 kB
jar.mn 6.7 kB
moz.build 335 Bytes
netError.css Push the #ignoreWarningButton to the bottom on the blocked site page 5.6 kB
touchcontrols.css video controls 4.5 kB