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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Array.js 37.7 kB
Date.js global intl_DateTimeFormat: false, 4.3 kB
Error.js ES6 20140718 draft 748 Bytes
Eval.cpp static 18.7 kB
Eval.h it is by construction 1.8 kB
Intl.cpp The Intl module specified by standard ECMA-402, * ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification 65.1 kB
Intl.h The Intl module specified by standard ECMA-402, * ECMAScript Internationalization API Specification 6.3 kB
Intl.js Portions Copyright Norbert Lindenberg 2011-2012. 91.9 kB
IntlData.js 12.8 kB
Iterator.js LegacyIteratorProto 2.7 kB
Map.js ES6 20121122 draft 1.1 kB
MapObject.cpp OrderedHashTable *************************************************************************** 59.8 kB
MapObject.h Comparing two ropes for equality can fail. The js::HashTable template * requires infallible hash() 6.7 kB
Number.js global intl_NumberFormat: false, 2.3 kB
Object.cpp ES5 35.5 kB
Object.h Like IdToValue, but convert int jsids to strings. This is used when * exposing a jsid to script for 1.7 kB
Object.js ES6 draft 2014-07-18 2.3 kB
ParallelUtilities.js The mode asserts options object. 2.3 kB
Profilers.cpp Profiling-related API 14.3 kB
Profilers.h Functions for controlling profilers from within JS: Valgrind, Perf, * Shark, etc. 2.6 kB
RegExp.cpp 27.7 kB
RegExp.h HandleString string 2.5 kB
SIMD.cpp JS SIMD pseudo-module. * Specification matches polyfill: * https://github.com/johnmccutchan/ecmasc 30.7 kB
SIMD.h JS SIMD functions. * Spec matching polyfill: * https://github.com/johnmccutchan/ecmascript_simd/bl 9.7 kB
SelfHostingDefines.h 1.3 kB
Set.js ES6 20121122 draft 1.1 kB
String.js global intl_Collator: false, 9.8 kB
SymbolObject.cpp 7.3 kB
SymbolObject.h public JSObject 2.1 kB
TestingFunctions.cpp 70.8 kB
TestingFunctions.h 802 Bytes
TypedObject.cpp 109.0 kB
TypedObject.h 38.9 kB
TypedObject.js 47.4 kB
TypedObjectConstants.h 5.2 kB
Utilities.js jshint bitwise: true, camelcase: false, curly: false, eqeqeq: true, es5: true, forin: true, 6.6 kB
WeakSet.js 1.9 kB
WeakSetObject.cpp 3.9 kB
WeakSetObject.h public JSObject 967 Bytes
embedjs.py 6.3 kB
make_intl_data.py Usage: make_intl_data.py [language-subtag-registry.txt] This script extracts information about 8.5 kB