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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ucvcn We should put GB2312, HZ, and ISO-2022-CN (Simplified Chinese one)
ucvko We should put EUC-KR, ISO-2022-KO
ucvth We should put TIS-620
ucvtw We should put Big5 converter into this directory/dll
8859-1.uf ======================================================== This is a Generated file. Please don't ed 1.9 kB
8859-1.ut ======================================================== This is a Generated file. Please don't ed 1.9 kB
cp1252.uf 4.4 kB
cp1252.ut ======================================================== This is a Generated file. Please don't ed 2.5 kB
directory.txt 1.4 kB
macroman.uf 7.4 kB
macroman.ut ======================================================== This is a Generated file. Please don't ed 3.9 kB
moz.build 7.0 kB
nsCP1252ToUnicode.cpp 783 Bytes
nsCP1252ToUnicode.h A character set converter from CP1252 to Unicode. * * @created 20/Apr/1999 * @author Cat 983 Bytes
nsConverterInputStream.cpp nsIConverterInputStream 7.7 kB
nsConverterInputStream.h public nsIConverterInputStream 1.8 kB
nsConverterOutputStream.cpp 4.3 kB
nsConverterOutputStream.h ff8780a5-bbb1-4bc5-8ee7-057e7bc5c925 1.0 kB
nsEncoderDecoderUtils.h 995 Bytes
nsICurrentCharsetListener.idl nsISupports 833 Bytes
nsISO88591ToUnicode.cpp 790 Bytes
nsISO88591ToUnicode.h A character set converter from ISO88591 to Unicode. * * @created 23/Nov/1998 * @author C 999 Bytes
nsIScriptableUConv.idl This interface is a unicode encoder for use by scripts * * @created 8/Jun/2000 * @author 2.7 kB
nsITextToSubURI.idl nsISupports 2.1 kB
nsIUTF8ConverterService.idl nsISupports 3.2 kB
nsIUnicodeDecoder.h public nsISupports 5.8 kB
nsIUnicodeEncoder.h Interface which converts a single character from Unicode into a given * charset. * * @created 7.2 kB
nsMacRomanToUnicode.cpp 801 Bytes
nsMacRomanToUnicode.h A character set converter from MacRoman to Unicode. * * @created 05/Apr/1999 * @author C 1.1 kB
nsReplacementToUnicode.cpp 1.3 kB
nsReplacementToUnicode.h public nsBasicDecoderSupport 1.0 kB
nsScriptableUConv.cpp Implementation file 9.5 kB
nsScriptableUConv.h 1.1 kB
nsTextToSubURI.cpp nsITextToSubURI 7.6 kB
nsTextToSubURI.h public nsITextToSubURI 1.3 kB
nsUCSupport.h 12.3 kB
nsUConvCID.h 941 Bytes
nsUConvModule.cpp 45.5 kB
nsUTF8ConverterService.cpp nsIUTF8ConverterService 4.2 kB
nsUTF8ConverterService.h public nsIUTF8ConverterService 705 Bytes
nsUTF8ToUnicode.cpp Normally the maximum length of the output of the UTF8 decoder in UTF16 * code units is the same as 11.1 kB
nsUTF8ToUnicode.h public nsBasicDecoderSupport 2.0 kB
nsUTF8ToUnicodeSSE2.cpp 2.7 kB
nsUnicodeToCP1252.cpp 825 Bytes
nsUnicodeToCP1252.h A character set converter from Unicode to CP1252. * * @created 20/Apr/1999 * @author Cat 1.1 kB
nsUnicodeToISO88591.cpp 831 Bytes
nsUnicodeToISO88591.h A character set converter from Unicode to ISO88591. * * @created 17/Feb/1999 * @author C 1.1 kB
nsUnicodeToMacRoman.cpp 845 Bytes
nsUnicodeToMacRoman.h A character set converter from Unicode to MacRoman. * * @created 05/Apr/1999 * @author C 998 Bytes
nsUnicodeToUTF8.cpp nsIUnicodeEncoder 4.8 kB
nsUnicodeToUTF8.h A character set converter from Unicode to UTF8. * * @created 05/Apr/1999 * @author Catal 1.8 kB
uconvutil.h ===================================== 2.7 kB