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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
async_load_tests.js Test to ensure that image loading/decoding notifications are always * delivered async, and in the o 7.7 kB
bug413512.ico 17.8 kB
bug815359.ico 4.3 kB
image1.png 8.4 kB
image1png16x16.jpg 1.1 kB
image1png64x64.jpg 4.5 kB
image2.jpg 3.5 kB
image2jpg16x16-win.png 948 Bytes
image2jpg16x16.png 948 Bytes
image2jpg16x16cropped.jpg 879 Bytes
image2jpg16x16cropped2.jpg 878 Bytes
image2jpg16x32cropped3.jpg 1.1 kB
image2jpg16x32scaled.jpg 1.2 kB
image2jpg32x16cropped4.jpg 1.1 kB
image2jpg32x16scaled.jpg 1.2 kB
image2jpg32x32-win.png 3.1 kB
image2jpg32x32.jpg 1.6 kB
image2jpg32x32.png 3.1 kB
image3.ico 1.4 kB
image3ico16x16.png 330 Bytes
image3ico32x32.png 2.3 kB
image4.gif 1.8 kB
image4gif16x16bmp24bpp.ico 894 Bytes
image4gif16x16bmp32bpp.ico 1.1 kB
image4gif32x32bmp24bpp.ico 3.3 kB
image4gif32x32bmp32bpp.ico 4.3 kB
image_load_helpers.js Helper structures to track callbacks from image and channel loads. 3.5 kB
test_async_notification.js Test for asynchronous image load/decode notifications in the case that the image load works. 524 Bytes
test_async_notification_404.js Test to ensure that load/decode notifications are delivered completely and * asynchronously when de 633 Bytes
test_async_notification_animated.js Test for asynchronous image load/decode notifications in the case that the * image load works, but 1.3 kB
test_encoder_apng.js Test for APNG encoding in libpr0n * 14.2 kB
test_encoder_png.js Test for PNG encoding in libpr0n * 8.4 kB
test_imgtools.js Tests for imgITools 21.3 kB
test_moz_icon_uri.js Test icon URI functionality * 28.2 kB
test_private_channel.js 4.6 kB
xpcshell.ini 999 Bytes