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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
CpPduHelper.jsm Public identifier for CP * * @see http://technical.openmobilealliance.org/tech/omna/omna-wbxml-pub 17.8 kB
SiPduHelper.jsm Public identifier for SI * * @see http://technical.openmobilealliance.org/tech/omna/omna-wbxml-pub 6.1 kB
SlPduHelper.jsm Public identifier for SL * * @see http://technical.openmobilealliance.org/tech/omna/omna-wbxml-pub 4.2 kB
WapPushManager.js WAP Push decoders 6.2 kB
WbxmlPduHelper.jsm Token flags * * @see WAP-192-WBXML-20010725-A, clause 5.8.2 16.1 kB