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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
NetworkPreparationChromeScript.js Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain. http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0 2.0 kB
blacksilence.js 4.0 kB
constraints.js 2.9 kB
head.js Create the necessary HTML elements for head and body as used by Mochitests * * @param {object} met 9.5 kB
long.js Returns true if res is a local rtp * * @param {Object} statObject * One of the objects com 6.3 kB
mediaStreamPlayback.js Time we wait for the canplaythrough event to fire * Note: this needs to be at least 30s because the 9.4 kB
mochitest.ini 6.4 kB
nonTrickleIce.js 5.4 kB
pc.js This class mimics a state machine and handles a list of commands by * executing them synchronously. 83.7 kB
steeplechase.ini 139 Bytes
steeplechase_long.ini 254 Bytes
templates.js Default list of commands to execute for a PeerConnection test. 39.7 kB
test_dataChannel_basicAudio.html 817 Bytes
test_dataChannel_basicAudioVideo.html 882 Bytes
test_dataChannel_basicAudioVideoCombined.html 878 Bytes
test_dataChannel_basicDataOnly.html 754 Bytes
test_dataChannel_basicVideo.html 817 Bytes
test_dataChannel_bug1013809.html 953 Bytes
test_dataChannel_noOffer.html 928 Bytes
test_getUserMedia_basicAudio.html mozGetUserMedia Basic Audio Test 1.4 kB
test_getUserMedia_basicScreenshare.html mozGetUserMedia Basic Screenshare Test 1.8 kB
test_getUserMedia_basicVideo.html mozGetUserMedia Basic Video Test 1.4 kB
test_getUserMedia_basicVideoAudio.html mozGetUserMedia Basic Video & Audio Test 1.5 kB
test_getUserMedia_basicWindowshare.html mozGetUserMedia Basic Windowshare Test 1.8 kB
test_getUserMedia_constraints.html Test mozGetUserMedia Constraints 1.2 kB
test_getUserMedia_constraints_mobile.html Test mozGetUserMedia Constraints 1.2 kB
test_getUserMedia_exceptions.html Test mozGetUserMedia Exceptions 3.3 kB
test_getUserMedia_gumWithinGum.html mozGetUserMedia gum within gum 1.9 kB
test_getUserMedia_peerIdentity.html Test mozGetUserMedia peerIdentity Constraint 1.8 kB
test_getUserMedia_playAudioTwice.html mozGetUserMedia Play Audio Twice 1.4 kB
test_getUserMedia_playVideoAudioTwice.html mozGetUserMedia Play Video and Audio Twice 1.4 kB
test_getUserMedia_playVideoTwice.html mozGetUserMedia Play Video Twice 1.4 kB
test_getUserMedia_stopAudioStream.html mozGetUserMedia Stop Audio Stream 1.3 kB
test_getUserMedia_stopAudioStreamWithFollowupAudio.html mozGetUserMedia Stop Audio Stream With Followup Audio 1.7 kB
test_getUserMedia_stopVideoAudioStream.html mozGetUserMedia Stop Video Audio Stream 1.4 kB
test_getUserMedia_stopVideoAudioStreamWithFollowupVideoAudio.html mozGetUserMedia Stop Video+Audio Stream With Followup Video+Audio 1.8 kB
test_getUserMedia_stopVideoStream.html mozGetUserMedia Stop Video Stream 1.3 kB
test_getUserMedia_stopVideoStreamWithFollowupVideo.html mozGetUserMedia Stop Video Stream With Followup Video 1.7 kB
test_peerConnection_addCandidateInHaveLocalOffer.html 1.4 kB
test_peerConnection_basicAudio.html 912 Bytes
test_peerConnection_basicAudioVideo.html 984 Bytes
test_peerConnection_basicAudioVideoCombined.html 980 Bytes
test_peerConnection_basicAudioVideoCombined_long.html 1.6 kB
test_peerConnection_basicAudio_long.html 1.6 kB
test_peerConnection_basicH264Video.html 990 Bytes
test_peerConnection_basicScreenshare.html 1.3 kB
test_peerConnection_basicVideo.html 912 Bytes
test_peerConnection_basicVideo_long.html 1.6 kB
test_peerConnection_basicWindowshare.html 1.3 kB
test_peerConnection_bug1013809.html 1.0 kB
test_peerConnection_bug1042791.html 1.5 kB
test_peerConnection_bug822674.html 862 Bytes
test_peerConnection_bug825703.html 2.5 kB
test_peerConnection_bug827843.html 2.4 kB
test_peerConnection_bug834153.html 1.4 kB
test_peerConnection_bug835370.html 2.0 kB
test_peerConnection_close.html 4.3 kB
test_peerConnection_errorCallbacks.html 2.6 kB
test_peerConnection_noTrickleAnswer.html 1.0 kB
test_peerConnection_noTrickleOffer.html 1.0 kB
test_peerConnection_noTrickleOfferAnswer.html 1.1 kB
test_peerConnection_offerRequiresReceiveAudio.html 1.1 kB
test_peerConnection_offerRequiresReceiveVideo.html 1.1 kB
test_peerConnection_offerRequiresReceiveVideoAudio.html 957 Bytes
test_peerConnection_replaceTrack.html 2.3 kB
test_peerConnection_setLocalAnswerInHaveLocalOffer.html 1.3 kB
test_peerConnection_setLocalAnswerInStable.html 1.3 kB
test_peerConnection_setLocalOfferInHaveRemoteOffer.html 1.3 kB
test_peerConnection_setRemoteAnswerInHaveRemoteOffer.html 1.4 kB
test_peerConnection_setRemoteAnswerInStable.html 1.3 kB
test_peerConnection_setRemoteOfferInHaveLocalOffer.html 1.3 kB
test_peerConnection_throwInCallbacks.html 2.5 kB
test_peerConnection_toJSON.html Test for Bug 872377 and Bug 928304 1.6 kB
test_zmedia_cleanup.html 819 Bytes
turnConfig.js An example of how to specify two TURN server configs: * var turnServers = { * local: { iceServer 519 Bytes