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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
camera_common.js 5.8 kB
mochitest.ini 378 Bytes
test_bug1022766.html Test for bug 1022766 3.0 kB
test_bug1037322.html Test for bug 1037322 2.5 kB
test_bug975472.html Test for bug 975472 6.6 kB
test_camera.html Test for mozCameras.getCamera() with separate .setConfiguration() call 9.7 kB
test_camera_2.html Test for mozCameras.getCamera() using an initial configuration 7.0 kB
test_camera_3.html Test for multiple calls to mozCameras.getCamera() 2.1 kB
test_camera_fake_parameters.html Test for CameraParameters we need to fake 14.5 kB
test_camera_hardware_auto_focus_moving_cb.html Bug 965421 - Test camera hardware API for Auto focus moving Callback 3.7 kB
test_camera_hardware_face_detection.html Bug 965420 - Test camera hardware API for face detection 9.1 kB
test_camera_hardware_failures.html Bug 940424 - Test camera hardware API failure handling 3.8 kB
test_camera_hardware_init_failure.html Bug 940424 - Test camera hardware init failure handling 2.6 kB