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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
BluetoothChild.cpp BluetoothChild ***************************************************************************** 4.1 kB
BluetoothChild.h public PBluetoothChild 2.7 kB
BluetoothMessageUtils.h 903 Bytes
BluetoothParent.cpp BluetoothRequestParent::ReplyRunnable ************************************************************* 17.8 kB
BluetoothParent.h public PBluetoothParent 4.9 kB
BluetoothServiceChildProcess.cpp 12.2 kB
BluetoothServiceChildProcess.h public BluetoothService 6.7 kB
BluetoothTypes.ipdlh Value structure for returns from bluetooth. Currently modeled after dbus * returns, which can be a 1.3 kB
PBluetooth.ipdl Bluetooth request types. 5.6 kB
PBluetoothRequest.ipdl 672 Bytes