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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
UpdaterHealthProvider.jsm 2.2 kB
jar.mn 763 Bytes
moz.build 1.5 kB
nsIUpdateService.idl An interface that describes an object representing a patch file that can * be downloaded and applie 18.9 kB
nsIUpdateTimerManager.idl nsISupports 2.4 kB
nsUpdateService.js 177.7 kB
nsUpdateService.manifest 1.2 kB
nsUpdateServiceStub.js Migrates old update directory files to the new update directory * which is based on a hash of the i 6.2 kB
nsUpdateTimerManager.js Gets a preference value, handling the case where there is no default. * @param func * 11.7 kB
nsUpdateTimerManager.manifest 246 Bytes