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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AsyncShutdown.jsm Managing safe shutdown of asynchronous services. * * Firefox shutdown is composed of phases that t 25.7 kB
BinarySearch.jsm 2.5 kB
BrowserUtils.jsm 3.8 kB
CertUtils.jsm Reads a set of expected certificate attributes from preferences. The returned * array can be passed 7.9 kB
CharsetMenu.jsm This set contains encodings that are in the Encoding Standard, except: * - XSS-dangerous encodings 7.5 kB
DeferredTask.jsm 11.6 kB
Deprecated.jsm Build a callstack log message. * * @param nsIStackFrame aStack * A callstack to be convert 2.4 kB
Dict.jsm Transforms a given key into a property name guaranteed not to collide with * any built-ins. 7.8 kB
DirectoryLinksProvider.jsm Singleton that serves as the provider of directory links. * Directory links are a hard-coded set of 10.0 kB
FileUtils.jsm 6.0 kB
Finder.jsm 32.7 kB
Geometry.jsm Simple Point class. * * Any method that takes an x and y may also take a point. 8.8 kB
Http.jsm aOptions can have a variety of fields: * headers, an array of headers * postData, this can be: 3.9 kB
InlineSpellChecker.jsm 11.0 kB
LightweightThemeConsumer.jsm 6.0 kB
LoadContextInfo.jsm Ci 2.1 kB
Log.jsm Dump a message everywhere we can if we have a failure. 26.1 kB
NewTabUtils.jsm 34.4 kB
PageMenu.jsm 3.7 kB
PermissionsUtils.jsm 3.0 kB
PopupNotifications.jsm Notification object describes a single popup notification. * * @see PopupNotifications.show() 37.3 kB
Preferences.jsm 14.6 kB
PrivateBrowsingUtils.jsm 2.1 kB
Promise-backend.js This implementation file is imported by the Promise.jsm module, and as a * special case by the debu 31.1 kB
Promise.jsm its 4.4 kB
PropertyListUtils.jsm Module for reading Property Lists (.plist) files * ------------------------------------------------ 29.1 kB
RemoteAddonsChild.jsm 3.8 kB
RemoteAddonsParent.jsm This code listens for nsIContentPolicy hooks firing in child * processes. It then fires all hooks i 4.5 kB
RemoteController.jsm 1.7 kB
RemoteFinder.jsm 4.6 kB
RemoteSecurityUI.jsm 965 Bytes
RemoteWebNavigation.jsm 3.0 kB
RemoteWebProgress.jsm 6.8 kB
ResetProfile.jsm 2.8 kB
SelectContentHelper.jsm 3.4 kB
SelectParentHelper.jsm 2.5 kB
Services.jsm 4.6 kB
ShortcutUtils.jsm 3.9 kB
Sntp.jsm Constructor of Sntp. * * @param dataAvailableCb * Callback function gets called when SNTP 9.8 kB
SpatialNavigation.jsm 16.7 kB
Sqlite.jsm wait until all clients have completed their task 35.8 kB
Task.jsm 13.4 kB
TelemetryTimestamps.jsm This module's purpose is to collect timestamps for important * application-specific events. * * T 1.8 kB
Timer.jsm JS module implementation of nsIDOMJSWindow.setTimeout and clearTimeout. 1.3 kB
Troubleshoot.jsm 13.5 kB
UpdateChannel.jsm 1.4 kB
WindowDraggingUtils.jsm 3.6 kB
WindowsPrefSync.jsm Manages preferences that need to be pulled and pushed between Metro * and desktop. 5.7 kB
WindowsRegistry.jsm 1.8 kB
ZipUtils.jsm Asynchronously writes data from an nsIInputStream to an OS.File instance. * The source stream and O 6.8 kB
debug.js This function provides a simple assertion function for JavaScript. * If the condition is true, this 2.6 kB
moz.build 2.3 kB