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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
InsecurePasswordUtils.jsm 5.5 kB
LoginHelper.jsm Contains functions shared by different Login Manager components. * * This JavaScript module exists 8.3 kB
LoginImport.jsm Provides an object that has a method to import login-related data from the * previous SQLite storag 6.5 kB
LoginManagerContent.jsm 33.3 kB
LoginStore.jsm 9.8 kB
crypto-SDR.js 7.2 kB
jar.mn 707 Bytes
moz.build 1.3 kB
nsILoginInfo.idl nsISupports 3.8 kB
nsILoginManager.idl nsISupports 10.0 kB
nsILoginManagerCrypto.idl nsISupports 1.9 kB
nsILoginManagerPrompter.idl nsISupports 2.4 kB
nsILoginManagerStorage.idl nsISupports 9.3 kB
nsILoginMetaInfo.idl nsISupports 1.9 kB
nsLoginInfo.js 3.4 kB
nsLoginManager.js 20.0 kB
nsLoginManagerPrompter.js LoginManagerPromptFactory * * Implements nsIPromptFactory * * Invoked by [toolkit/components/pro 54.5 kB
passwordmgr.manifest 1.1 kB
storage-json.js nsILoginManagerStorage implementation for the JSON back-end. 22.4 kB
storage-mozStorage.js Object that manages a database transaction properly so consumers don't have * to worry about it thr 46.6 kB