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src jemalloc is a general purpose malloc(3) implementation that emphasizes
0001-Use-a-configure-test-to-detect-whether-to-use-a-cons.patch 9.7 kB
0002-Use-ULL-prefix-instead-of-LLU-for-unsigned-long-long.patch 1.2 kB
0003-Don-t-use-msvc_compat-s-C99-headers-with-MSVC-versio.patch 37.1 kB
0004-Try-to-use-__builtin_ffsl-if-ffsl-is-unavailable.patch 11.1 kB
0005-Check-for-__builtin_ffsl-before-ffsl.patch 6.5 kB
0006-Fix-clang-warnings.patch 2.5 kB
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