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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
builtins This README file explains how to add a builtin root CA certificate to NSS
capi This Cryptoki module provides acces to certs and keys stored in
nssmkey This Cryptoki module provides acces to certs and keys stored in
Makefile 1.1 kB
ck.api 22.2 kB
ck.h ck.h * * This header file consolidates all header files needed by the source * files implementing 1.5 kB
ckapi.perl 8.8 kB
ckfw.h ckfw.h * * This file prototypes the private calls of the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 39.1 kB
ckfwm.h ckfwm.h * * This file prototypes the module-private calls of the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 1.7 kB
ckfwtm.h ckfwtm.h * * This file declares the module-private types of the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 592 Bytes
ckmd.h ckmd.h * 612 Bytes
ckt.h get back to just one set of PKCS #11 headers. Use the onese that * are easiest to maintain from the 403 Bytes
config.mk 489 Bytes
crypto.c crypto.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWCryptoOperation type and methods. 8.5 kB
find.c find.c * * This file implements the nssCKFWFindObjects type and methods. 9.8 kB
hash.c hash.c * * This is merely a couple wrappers around NSPR's PLHashTable, using * the identity hash 5.1 kB
instance.c instance.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWInstance type and methods. 28.1 kB
manifest.mn 849 Bytes
mechanism.c mechanism.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWMechanism type and methods. 27.3 kB
mutex.c mutex.c * * This file implements a mutual-exclusion locking facility for Modules * using the NSS 4.4 kB
nssck.api the 42.2 kB
nssckepv.h THIS IS A GENERATED FILE 320 Bytes
nssckft.h THIS IS A GENERATED FILE 327 Bytes
nssckfw.h nssckfw.h * * This file prototypes the publicly available calls of the * NSS Cryptoki Framework. 6.5 kB
nssckfwc.h nssckfwc.h * * This file prototypes all of the NSS Cryptoki Framework "wrapper" * which implemen 16.6 kB
nssckfwt.h nssckfwt.h * * This file declares the public types used by the NSS Cryptoki Framework. 2.0 kB
nssckg.h THIS IS A GENERATED FILE 314 Bytes
nssckmdt.h nssckmdt.h * * This file specifies the basic types that must be implemented by * any Module using 61.1 kB
nssckt.h 367 Bytes
object.c object.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWObject type and methods. 20.9 kB
session.c session.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWSession type and methods. 54.9 kB
sessobj.c sessobj.c * * This file contains an NSSCKMDObject implementation for session * objects. The fra 22.3 kB
slot.c slot.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWSlot type and methods. 14.1 kB
token.c token.c * * This file implements the NSSCKFWToken type and methods. 39.0 kB
wrap.c wrap.c * * This file contains the routines that actually implement the cryptoki * API, using the 122.7 kB