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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 1.9 kB
certhigh.c 29.1 kB
certhtml.c -- convert a cert to html 6.1 kB
certreq.c 9.5 kB
certvfy.c #include "pkix_sample_modules.h" 54.2 kB
certvfypkix.c nss_pkix_proxy.h * * PKIX - NSS proxy functions * * NOTE: All structures, functions, data types 71.9 kB
certvfypkixprint.c nss_pkix_proxy.h * * PKIX - NSS proxy functions * 5.1 kB
config.mk 395 Bytes
crlv2.c Code for dealing with x.509 v3 crl and crl entries extensions. 4.1 kB
manifest.mn 626 Bytes
ocsp.c Implementation of OCSP services, for both client and server. * (XXX, really, mostly just for client 194.2 kB
ocsp.h Interface to the OCSP implementation. 28.5 kB
ocspi.h NSS internal interfaces to OCSP code 6.0 kB
ocspsig.c 19.2 kB
ocspt.h Public header for exported OCSP types. 12.5 kB
ocspti.h Private header defining OCSP types. 14.1 kB
xcrldist.c Code for dealing with x.509 v3 CRL Distribution Point extension. 6.3 kB