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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
BluetoothA2dpManager.cpp 11.8 kB
BluetoothA2dpManager.h public BluetoothProfileManagerBase 2.4 kB
BluetoothHfpManager.cpp BRSF bitmask of AG supported features. See 4.34.1 "Bluetooth Defined AT * Capabilities" in Bluetoot 54.8 kB
BluetoothHfpManager.h These costants are defined in 4.33.2 "AT Capabilities Re-Used from GSM 07.07 * and 3GPP 27.007" in 6.7 kB
BluetoothOppManager.cpp The format of the header of an PUT request is * [opcode:1][packet length:2][headerId:1][header leng 41.9 kB
BluetoothOppManager.h public BluetoothSocketObserver 6.7 kB
BluetoothSocket.cpp 2.5 kB
BluetoothSocket.h public mozilla 1.4 kB
BluetoothUnixSocketConnector.cpp 8.0 kB
BluetoothUnixSocketConnector.h public mozilla 1.4 kB