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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
DomainPolicy.cpp nsIDomainPolicy 4.2 kB
moz.build 696 Bytes
nsJSPrincipals.cpp static 2.4 kB
nsNullPrincipal.cpp nullptr 8.2 kB
nsNullPrincipalURI.cpp 6.5 kB
nsNullPrincipalURI.h This wraps nsSimpleURI so that all calls to it are done on the main thread. 1.3 kB
nsPrincipal.cpp 22.8 kB
nsScriptSecurityManager.cpp 89.0 kB
nsSecurityManagerFactory.cpp Factory for internal browser security resource managers 4.2 kB
nsSystemPrincipal.cpp nullptr 5.3 kB