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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
GfxDriverInfo.cpp 9.4 kB
GfxDriverInfo.h 7.8 kB
GfxInfoBase.cpp 29.7 kB
GfxInfoBase.h public nsIGfxInfo 3.9 kB
GfxInfoCollector.h this is handy wrapper around JSAPI to make it more pleasant to use. * We collect the JSAPI errors a 2.9 kB
GfxInfoWebGL.cpp 2.2 kB
GfxInfoWebGL.h 631 Bytes
GfxInfoX11.cpp 18.7 kB
GfxInfoX11.h 2.9 kB
InputData.cpp 3.7 kB
Makefile.in 1.0 kB
PuppetWidget.cpp static 19.7 kB
PuppetWidget.h public nsBaseWidget 8.7 kB
WidgetUtils.cpp 1.1 kB
moz.build 1.6 kB
nsAppShellSingleton.h This file is designed to be included into the file that provides the * nsIModule implementation for 2.4 kB
nsBaseAppShell.cpp nsIAppShell 13.3 kB
nsBaseAppShell.h public nsIAppShell 5.6 kB
nsBaseClipboard.cpp nsIClipboard 3.4 kB
nsBaseClipboard.h public nsIClipboard 1.2 kB
nsBaseDragService.cpp nsIDragService 20.9 kB
nsBaseDragService.h public nsIDragService 4.9 kB
nsBaseFilePicker.cpp A runnable to dispatch from the main thread to the main thread to display * the file picker while l 9.3 kB
nsBaseFilePicker.h public nsIFilePicker 1.6 kB
nsBaseScreen.cpp nsIScreen 2.2 kB
nsBaseScreen.h public nsIScreen 2.7 kB
nsBaseWidget.cpp 53.5 kB
nsBaseWidget.h 19.3 kB
nsClipboardHelper.cpp nsIClipboardHelper 4.2 kB
nsClipboardHelper.h public nsIClipboardHelper 722 Bytes
nsClipboardPrivacyHandler.cpp nsIObserver 3.9 kB
nsClipboardPrivacyHandler.h 1.3 kB
nsFilePickerProxy.cpp nsIFilePicker 4.0 kB
nsFilePickerProxy.h public nsBaseFilePicker 2.0 kB
nsHTMLFormatConverter.cpp nsIFormatConverter 7.7 kB
nsHTMLFormatConverter.h public nsIFormatConverter 930 Bytes
nsIdleService.cpp 30.9 kB
nsIdleService.h Class we can use to store an observer with its associated idle time * requirement and whether or no 6.5 kB
nsNativeTheme.cpp nsITimerCallback 21.5 kB
nsNativeTheme.h public nsITimerCallback 5.3 kB
nsPrimitiveHelpers.cpp 10.8 kB
nsPrimitiveHelpers.h 3.0 kB
nsPrintOptionsImpl.cpp 45.0 kB
nsPrintOptionsImpl.h Class nsPrintOptions 3.2 kB
nsPrintSession.cpp nsIPrintSession 977 Bytes
nsPrintSession.h public nsIPrintSession 1.0 kB
nsPrintSettingsImpl.cpp --------------------------------------------------- * See documentation in nsPrintSettingsImpl.h 32.0 kB
nsPrintSettingsImpl.h 3.3 kB
nsTransferable.cpp nsITransferable 17.4 kB
nsTransferable.h public nsITransferable 2.1 kB
nsXPLookAndFeel.cpp 19.8 kB
nsXPLookAndFeel.h public mozilla 3.4 kB