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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
double-conversion http://code.google.com/p/double-conversion
Alignment.h Functionality related to memory alignment. 3.1 kB
AllocPolicy.h which 2.4 kB
Array.h A compile-time constant-length array with bounds-checking assertions. 1.2 kB
Assertions.h Implementations of runtime and static assertion macros for C and C++. 16.6 kB
Atomics.h Implements (almost always) lock-free atomic operations. The operations here * are a subset of that 35.0 kB
Attributes.h Implementations of various class and method modifier attributes. 16.6 kB
BloomFilter.h A counting Bloom filter implementation. This allows consumers to * do fast probabilistic "is item 7.7 kB
Casting.h Cast operations to supplement the built-in casting operations. 5.4 kB
Char16.h Implements a UTF-16 character type. 2.4 kB
CheckedInt.h Provides checked integers, detecting integer overflow and divide-by-0. 25.1 kB
Compiler.h Various compiler checks. 4.3 kB
Constants.h mfbt math constants. 504 Bytes
DebugOnly.h a type for variables used only in debug builds 2.1 kB
Endian.h Functions for reading and writing integers in various endiannesses. 19.9 kB
EnumSet.h A set abstraction for enumeration values. 3.7 kB
FloatingPoint.h Various predicates and operations on IEEE-754 floating point types. 6.8 kB
GuardObjects.h Implementation of macros to ensure correct use of RAII Auto* objects. 5.6 kB
HashFunctions.cpp Implementations of hash functions. 987 Bytes
HashFunctions.h Utilities for hashing. 9.3 kB
IntegerPrintfMacros.h Implements the C99 <inttypes.h> interface, minus the SCN* format macros. 1.6 kB
Likely.h MOZ_LIKELY and MOZ_UNLIKELY macros to hint to the compiler how a * boolean predicate should be bran 769 Bytes
LinkedList.h A type-safe doubly-linked list class. 13.0 kB
MSIntTypes.h 5.5 kB
Makefile.in 745 Bytes
MathAlgorithms.h mfbt maths algorithms. 12.0 kB
Maybe.h A class for lazily constructing an object without sticking it on the heap. 5.1 kB
MemoryChecking.h Provides a common interface to the ASan (AddressSanitizer) and Valgrind * functions used to mark m 2.5 kB
MemoryReporting.h Memory reporting infrastructure. 826 Bytes
Move.h and that the value of the original isn 7.9 kB
NullPtr.h Implements a workaround for compilers which do not support the C++11 nullptr * constant. 1.3 kB
PodOperations.h Operations for zeroing POD types, arrays, and so on. * * These operations are preferable to memset 4.6 kB
Poison.cpp A poison value that can be used to fill a memory space with * an address that leads to a safe crash 5.1 kB
Poison.h A poison value that can be used to fill a memory space with * an address that leads to a safe crash 1.7 kB
Range.h 1.3 kB
RangedPtr.h Implements a smart pointer asserted to remain within a range specified at * construction. 6.9 kB
ReentrancyGuard.h Small helper class for asserting uses of a class are non-reentrant. 1.4 kB
RefPtr.h Helpers for defining and using refcounted objects. 10.2 kB
SHA1.cpp the H array of state variables 12.2 kB
SHA1.h Simple class for computing SHA1. 1.7 kB
STYLE 11.3 kB
Scoped.h A number of structures to simplify scope-based RAII management. 9.3 kB
SplayTree.h A sorted tree with optimal access times, where recently-accessed elements * are faster to access ag 7.2 kB
TemplateLib.h Reusable template meta-functions on types and compile-time values. Meta- * functions are placed in 3.0 kB
ThreadLocal.h Cross-platform lightweight thread local data wrappers. 3.6 kB
TypeTraits.h Template-based metaprogramming and type-testing facilities. 21.1 kB
TypedEnum.h Macros to emulate C++11 typed enums and enum classes. 10.3 kB
Types.h mfbt foundational types and macros. 4.3 kB
Util.h Miscellaneous uncategorized functionality. Please add new functionality to * new headers, or to ot 2.2 kB
Vector.h bool IsPod 33.4 kB
WeakPtr.h Weak pointer functionality, implemented as a mixin for use with any class. 5.4 kB
exported_headers.mk 1.2 kB
moz.build 375 Bytes
sources.mk 757 Bytes