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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
eif-call-newvar.js 257 Bytes
eif-call-typechange.js 213 Bytes
eif-call.js 203 Bytes
eif-getter-newvar.js 255 Bytes
eif-getter-typechange.js 264 Bytes
eif-getter.js 250 Bytes
eif-global-newvar.js 143 Bytes
eif-trap-newvar.js 223 Bytes
eif-trap-typechange.js 342 Bytes
eif-trap.js 216 Bytes
simple-trap-1.js The JSOP_STOP in main. 173 Bytes
simple-trap-2.js The JSOP_STOP in main. 219 Bytes
simple-untrap.js The JSOP_STOP in main. 237 Bytes
test-debugger-1.js 219 Bytes
test-debugger-2.js 152 Bytes
test-throwhook-1.js 335 Bytes
test-throwhook-2.js 204 Bytes
trap-force-return-1.js JSOP_RETURN in main. 160 Bytes
trap-force-return-2.js JSOP_RETURN in main. 136 Bytes
trap-from-add-inline.js 264 Bytes
trap-from-add-ool.js 283 Bytes
trap-own-callsite.js 307 Bytes
trap-parent-from-trap.js First op in parent. 323 Bytes
trap-parent.js 257 Bytes
trap-self-as-parent.js 327 Bytes
trap-self-from-trap.js JSOP_CALL to doNothing in myparent with nested = false. 457 Bytes
trap-self.js 220 Bytes
untrap-cross-global.js 85 Bytes
untrap-own-trapsite.js JSOP_STOP in parent 267 Bytes
untrap-self.js JSOP_STOP in main. 259 Bytes