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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Expression.py Parses and evaluates simple statements for Preprocessor: Expression currently supports the followin 6.9 kB
Makefile.in 1.7 kB
Preprocessor.py This is a very primitive line based preprocessor, for times when using a C preprocessor isn't an opt 16.0 kB
autoconf.mk.in 150 Bytes
baseconfig.mk 1.3 kB
check-sync-dirs.py -- check that one directory is an exact subset of another 4.3 kB
check-sync-exceptions 401 Bytes
check_source_count.py 2.0 kB
check_spidermonkey_style.py 21.1 kB
config.mk 22.7 kB
emptyvars.mk.in 17 Bytes
expandlibs.py Expandlibs is a system that allows to replace some libraries with a descriptor file containing some 5.3 kB
expandlibs_config.py 1.1 kB
expandlibs_exec.py def __enter__(self): self.tmp = [] return self def __exit__(self, type, 14.9 kB
expandlibs_gen.py Given a list of object files and library names, prints a library descriptor to standard output 1.9 kB
find_OOM_errors.py %prog: A test for OOM conditions in the shell. %prog finds segfaults and other errors caused by inc 11.2 kB
find_vanilla_new_calls 3.0 kB
gcc_hidden.h Begin all files as hidden visibility 285 Bytes
make-system-wrappers.pl 643 Bytes
milestone.pl 2.5 kB
milestone.txt 309 Bytes
moz.build 417 Bytes
nsinstall.c Netscape portable install command. ** ** Brendan Eich, 7/20/95 10.8 kB
nsinstall.py 6.3 kB
pathsub.c Pathname subroutines. ** ** Brendan Eich, 8/29/95 4.0 kB
pathsub.h Pathname subroutines. ** ** Brendan Eich, 8/29/95 1.1 kB
pythonpath.py Run a python script, adding extra directories to the python path. 1.3 kB
rebuild_check.py 1.2 kB
recurse.mk 1.6 kB
rules.mk 54.5 kB
solaris_ia32.map 220 Bytes
static-checking-config.mk 1.3 kB
static-checking.js A script for GCC-dehydra to analyze the Mozilla codebase and catch * patterns that are incorrect, b 2.9 kB
string-format.js 1.9 kB
system-headers 14.2 kB
version.mk 1.4 kB
version_win.pl 11.6 kB