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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Anchor.h JS::Anchor implementation. 6.4 kB
CallArgs.h Helper classes encapsulating access to the callee, |this| value, arguments, * and argument count fo 13.4 kB
CallNonGenericMethod.h 4.4 kB
CharacterEncoding.h By default, all C/C++ 1-byte-per-character strings passed into the JSAPI * are treated as ISO/IEC 8 6.1 kB
Class.h JSClass definition and its component types, plus related interfaces. 28.1 kB
Date.h 1.2 kB
GCAPI.h 10.2 kB
HashTable.h 48.0 kB
HeapAPI.h These values are private to the JS engine. 5.3 kB
Id.h which does not occur in 4.9 kB
LegacyIntTypes.h This section typedefs the old 'native' types to the new <stdint.h> types. * These redefinitions are 2.0 kB
MemoryMetrics.h 17.5 kB
OldDebugAPI.h JS debugger API. 16.8 kB
ProfilingStack.h but JS uses the sp as NULL to indicate that 3.7 kB
PropertyKey.h JS::PropertyKey implementation. 2.8 kB
RequiredDefines.h Various #defines required to build SpiderMonkey. Embedders should add this * file to the start of 1.2 kB
RootingAPI.h 31.6 kB
StructuredClone.h 6.4 kB
Tracer.h 7.8 kB
TypeDecls.h 2.3 kB
Utility.h The public JS engine namespace. 16.9 kB
Value.h JS::Value implementation. 53.4 kB
Vector.h and throw CRTP at 2.6 kB