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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile.in 310 Bytes
gssapi.h Also define _GSSAPI_H_ as that is what the Kerberos 5 code defines and * what header files on some 25.6 kB
moz.build 644 Bytes
nsAuth.h types of packages 812 Bytes
nsAuthFactory.cpp 7.7 kB
nsAuthGSSAPI.cpp 18.7 kB
nsAuthGSSAPI.h Some remarks on thread safety ... * * The thread safety of this class depends largely upon the thr 1.9 kB
nsAuthSASL.cpp nsIAuthModule 4.9 kB
nsAuthSASL.h This class is implemented using the nsAuthGSSAPI class, and the same * thread safety constraints wh 896 Bytes
nsAuthSSPI.cpp 21.6 kB
nsAuthSSPI.h 1.6 kB
nsAuthSambaNTLM.cpp nsIAuthModule 9.1 kB
nsAuthSambaNTLM.h This is an implementation of NTLM authentication that does single-signon * by obtaining the user's 1.7 kB
nsHttpNegotiateAuth.cpp 13.2 kB
nsHttpNegotiateAuth.h 1.3 kB