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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
chrome.manifest.flat 156 Bytes
test.manifest.flat 135 Bytes
test.manifest.jar 162 Bytes
test.manifest.symlink 135 Bytes
unit-Expression.py Unit tests for the Context class 2.4 kB
unit-JarMaker.py 12.4 kB
unit-LineEndings.py Unit tests for the Context class 1.1 kB
unit-Preprocessor.py Unit tests for the Context class 13.2 kB
unit-buildlist.py Unit tests for buildlist.py 2.7 kB
unit-expandlibs.py Test relativize() 18.4 kB
unit-mozunit.py 2.9 kB
unit-nsinstall.py Unit tests for nsinstall.py 6.9 kB
unit-printprereleasesuffix.py Unit tests for the get_prerelease_suffix function 2.2 kB
unitMozZipFile.py Return a length given in the _lengths array to allow manual tuning of which lengths of zip entries 6.0 kB