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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Expression.py Parses and evaluates simple statements for Preprocessor: Expression currently supports the followin 6.9 kB
JarMaker.py jarmaker.py provides a python class to package up chrome content by processing jar.mn files. See th 17.8 kB
Makefile.in 4.2 kB
MozZipFile.py Class with methods to open, read, write, close, list zip files. Subclassing zipfile.ZipFile to al 5.0 kB
Preprocessor.py This is a very primitive line based preprocessor, for times when using a C preprocessor isn't an opt 16.0 kB
android-common.mk 1.2 kB
asencode.cpp To compile, do: * * gcc -framework ApplicationServices -l stdc++ -o asencode asencode.cpp 5.8 kB
autoconf.mk.in 150 Bytes
baseconfig.mk 1.3 kB
buildlist.py Given a file |listFile| containing one entry per line, add each entry in |entries| to the file, u 1.2 kB
check_source_count.py 2.0 kB
check_spidermonkey_style.py 21.1 kB
config.mk 22.7 kB
configobj.py develop 83.6 kB
createprecomplete.py Iterates through the root_path, creating a list for each file and directory. Excludes any pa 2.9 kB
doxygen.cfg.in 56.9 kB
elf-dynstr-gc.c Data is dynamic_symbols, hashes on old_index 30.7 kB
emptyvars.mk.in 17 Bytes
expandlibs.py Expandlibs is a system that allows to replace some libraries with a descriptor file containing some 5.3 kB
expandlibs_config.py 1.1 kB
expandlibs_exec.py def __enter__(self): self.tmp = [] return self def __exit__(self, type, 14.9 kB
expandlibs_gen.py Given a list of object files and library names, prints a library descriptor to standard output 1.9 kB
find_OOM_errors.py %prog: A test for OOM conditions in the shell. %prog finds segfaults and other errors caused by inc 11.2 kB
find_vanilla_new_calls 3.0 kB
gcc-stl-wrapper.template.h 2.6 kB
gcc_hidden.h Begin all files as hidden visibility 285 Bytes
glibcversion.sh Print __GLIBC__ version if gnu libc 2 is 3.8 kB
install.bat 279 Bytes
make-atom-strings.pl 1.5 kB
make-stl-wrappers.py Usage: python {0} OUT_DIR ('msvc'|'gcc') TEMPLATE_FILE HEADER_LIST_FILE 1.8 kB
milestone.pl 2.5 kB
milestone.txt 309 Bytes
module2dir.pl 2.5 kB
moz.build 609 Bytes
mozLock.pm 2.3 kB
mozunit.py 4.4 kB
msvc-stl-wrapper.template.h 3.0 kB
nsinstall.c Netscape portable install command. ** ** Brendan Eich, 7/20/95 10.8 kB
nsinstall.py 6.3 kB
pathsub.c Pathname subroutines. ** ** Brendan Eich, 8/29/95 4.0 kB
pathsub.h Pathname subroutines. ** ** Brendan Eich, 8/29/95 1.1 kB
printconfigsetting.py 626 Bytes
printprereleasesuffix.py Returns the prerelease suffix from the version string argument 963 Bytes
pythonpath.py Run a python script, adding extra directories to the python path. 1.3 kB
rebuild_check.py 1.2 kB
recurse.mk 1.6 kB
rules.mk 54.5 kB
solaris_ia32.map 220 Bytes
static-checking-config.mk 1.6 kB
static-checking.js A script for GCC-dehydra to analyze the Mozilla codebase and catch * patterns that are incorrect, b 2.9 kB
stl-headers 810 Bytes
string-format.js 1.9 kB
system-headers 14.2 kB
utils.py Utility methods to be used by python build infrastructure. 3.4 kB
version.mk 1.4 kB
version_win.pl 11.6 kB