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Actions.java.in 3.7 kB
AndroidManifest.xml.in 587 Bytes
Assert.java.in 993 Bytes
Driver.java.in 1.3 kB
Element.java.in Element provides access to a specific UI view (android.view.View). * See also Driver.findElement( 783 Bytes
FennecInstrumentationTestRunner.java.in 1.1 kB
FennecMochitestAssert.java.in 9.0 kB
FennecNativeActions.java.in 19.7 kB
FennecNativeDriver.java.in 16.0 kB
FennecNativeElement.java.in 4.3 kB
FennecTalosAssert.java.in 2.2 kB
Makefile.in 3.6 kB
PaintedSurface.java.in 2.6 kB
README Robocop is a Mozilla project which uses Robotium to test Firefox on Android devices. 500 Bytes
RoboCopException.java.in 645 Bytes
RobocopUtils.java.in 1.6 kB
moz.build 328 Bytes
robotium-solo-4.2.jar 104.7 kB