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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
ExternalHelperAppChild.cpp 2.6 kB
ExternalHelperAppChild.h public PExternalHelperAppChild 1.1 kB
ExternalHelperAppParent.cpp 8.8 kB
ExternalHelperAppParent.h public PExternalHelperAppParent 2.0 kB
Makefile.in 3.7 kB
PExternalHelperApp.ipdl 567 Bytes
ipdl.mk 249 Bytes
nsCExternalHandlerService.idl nsCExternalHelperApp implements: ------------------------- nsIExternalHelperAppService 1.8 kB
nsContentHandlerApp.cpp NULL 2.3 kB
nsContentHandlerApp.h public nsIHandlerApp 849 Bytes
nsDBusHandlerApp.cpp NULL 5.7 kB
nsDBusHandlerApp.h public nsIDBusHandlerApp 803 Bytes
nsExternalHelperAppService.cpp This must occur *after* base/basictypes.h to avoid typedefs conflicts. 97.0 kB
nsExternalHelperAppService.h The helper app service. Responsible for handling content that Mozilla * itself can not handle 15.1 kB
nsExternalProtocolHandler.cpp 11.5 kB
nsExternalProtocolHandler.h 1.1 kB
nsHandlerService.js 52.5 kB
nsHandlerService.manifest 157 Bytes
nsIContentDispatchChooser.idl nsISupports 1.5 kB
nsIExternalHelperAppService.idl nsISupports 5.2 kB
nsIExternalProtocolService.idl nsISupports 5.5 kB
nsIExternalSharingAppService.idl nsISupports 978 Bytes
nsIExternalURLHandlerService.idl nsISupports 892 Bytes
nsIHandlerService.idl nsISupports 5.2 kB
nsIHelperAppLauncherDialog.idl nsISupports 3.3 kB
nsLocalHandlerApp.cpp nsILocalHandlerApp 4.7 kB
nsLocalHandlerApp.h public nsILocalHandlerApp 1.9 kB
nsMIMEInfoImpl.cpp 10.9 kB
nsMIMEInfoImpl.h UTF8 moz-icon URI string for the default handler application's icon, if * available. 8.2 kB
nsWebHandlerApp.js 5.5 kB
nsWebHandlerApp.manifest 157 Bytes