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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Makefile 1.7 kB
addrs2text.cpp Converts a binary stream of address references to a text stream, hexadecimal, newline separated. 756 Bytes
cygprof.c A stub library to LD_PRELOAD against an image that's been compiled with -finstrument-functions. It 768 Bytes
elf_symbol_table.cpp 3.0 kB
elf_symbol_table.h -*- Mode: C++ -*- 2.2 kB
elf_utils.cpp 935 Bytes
elf_utils.h -*- Mode: C++ -*- 476 Bytes
func-by-addr.sh 661 Bytes
garope.cpp A program that attempts to find an optimal function ordering for an executable using a genetic alg 20.5 kB
grope.cpp A program that computes a function ordering for an executable based on runtime profile information 16.0 kB
histogram.cpp A program that computes a call histogram from runtime call information. It reads a list of address 3.2 kB
interval_map.h -*- Mode: C++ -*- 8.6 kB
mapaddrs.cpp -exe 2.0 kB
mcount.c A library that can be LD_PRELOAD-ed to dump a function's address on function entry. 995 Bytes
missing-syms.pl -defined 748 Bytes
mult.c 251 Bytes
rseed.c A program that reads /dev/random to produce a seed for srand(3). 655 Bytes
syms-by-addr.sh 670 Bytes
test.cpp 1.2 kB