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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
40-url-dup.txt 5.5 kB
40-url.txt 2.8 kB
Averagetable2.pl 16.2 kB
Footer.pl 6.9 kB
Header.pl 5.6 kB
collect.pl 3.8 kB
genfromlogs.pl 1.4 kB
history.pl 17.6 kB
history.txt 9.1 kB
perf-doc.html Performance Tools for Gecko 10.4 kB
perf.pl 3.8 kB
property.inc 20.4 kB
property.t 4.5 kB
readme.txt readme.txt - if there is a perf.html file, read that, it contains the full documentation. This file 1.7 kB
uncombine.pl Break up the combined performance run output file into a file per URL 4.3 kB