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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
DeferredTask.jsm A task that will run after a delay. Multiple attempts to run the same task * before the delay will 2.2 kB
Dict.jsm Transforms a given key into a property name guaranteed not to collide with * any built-ins. 7.3 kB
Geometry.jsm Simple Point class. * * Any method that takes an x and y may also take a point. 8.8 kB
InlineSpellChecker.jsm 10.7 kB
LightweightThemeConsumer.jsm 3.9 kB
Makefile.in 2.1 kB
PageMenu.jsm 3.6 kB
PopupNotifications.jsm Notification object describes a single popup notification. * * @see PopupNotifications.show() 24.4 kB
PrivateBrowsingUtils.jsm 708 Bytes
PropertyListUtils.jsm Module for reading Property Lists (.plist) files * ------------------------------------------------ 29.1 kB
Services.jsm 3.6 kB
Task.jsm 8.9 kB
Troubleshoot.jsm 12.2 kB
UpdateChannel.jsm 1.2 kB
WindowDraggingUtils.jsm 3.5 kB
XPCNativeWrapper.js Moved to C++ implementation in XPConnect. See bug 281988. 275 Bytes
about.xhtml logo 3.1 kB
aboutAbout.xhtml 2.4 kB
aboutRights-unbranded.xhtml 2.1 kB
aboutRights.xhtml 3.8 kB
aboutSupport.js 13.4 kB
aboutSupport.xhtml 6.9 kB
buildconfig.html about:buildconfig 1.7 kB
charsetOverlay.js 8.2 kB
charsetOverlay.xul 17.8 kB
contentAreaUtils.js urlSecurityCheck: JavaScript wrapper for checkLoadURIWithPrincipal * and checkLoadURIStrWithPrincip 41.8 kB
customizeCharset.js 8.2 kB
customizeCharset.xul 2.7 kB
customizeToolbar.css Hide the toolbarbutton label because we replicate it on the wrapper 920 Bytes
customizeToolbar.js 23.8 kB
customizeToolbar.xul 2.6 kB
debug.js This function provides a simple assertion function for JavaScript. * If the condition is true, this 3.1 kB
devicestorage.properties 273 Bytes
directionDetector.html 422 Bytes
editMenuOverlay.js 1.4 kB
editMenuOverlay.xul 5.9 kB
filepicker.properties 731 Bytes
findUtils.js 3.8 kB
finddialog.js 4.3 kB
finddialog.xul 2.1 kB
globalOverlay.js 5.5 kB
jar.mn 5.8 kB
license.html about:license 150.3 kB
macWindowMenu.inc 1.6 kB
macWindowMenu.js 1.6 kB
menulist.css editable-input 424 Bytes
mozilla.xhtml 1.2 kB
nsDragAndDrop.js nsTransferable - a wrapper for nsITransferable that simplifies * javascript clipb 22.0 kB
plugins.css ===== plugins.css ===================================================== == Styles used by the abo 1.4 kB
plugins.html 5.3 kB
resetProfile.css 349 Bytes
resetProfile.js Check if reset is supported for the currently running profile. * * @return boolean whether reset i 2.6 kB
resetProfile.xul 1.3 kB
resetProfileProgress.xul 848 Bytes
textbox.css input 1.0 kB
treeUtils.js 2.4 kB
viewZoomOverlay.js Document Zoom Management Code * * To use this, you'll need to have a getBrowser() function or use 3.4 kB
xul.css this should only contain XUL dialog and document window widget defaults. Defaults for widgets of 28.3 kB