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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Zeroconf.py 55.0 kB
__init__.py 449 Bytes
b2gemulator.py self 3.4 kB
devicemanager.py Executes shell command on device and returns exit code cmd - Command string to execute 22.3 kB
devicemanagerADB.py 37.0 kB
devicemanagerSUT.py Not all commands need a response from the agent: * rebt obviously doesn't get a response 39.9 kB
dmcli.py Command-line client to control a device 11.2 kB
droid.py Mixin to extend DeviceManager with Android-specific functionality 3.9 kB
emulator.py Process handler for logcat which saves all output to a logfile. 10.8 kB
emulator_battery.py 1.6 kB