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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Accessible2.idl 27.1 kB
AccessibleAction.idl IUnknown 6.6 kB
AccessibleApplication.idl IUnknown 2.9 kB
AccessibleComponent.idl IUnknown 3.6 kB
AccessibleEditableText.idl IUnknown 6.7 kB
AccessibleEventId.idl %IAccessible2 specific event constants This enum defines the event IDs fired by %IAccessible2 obj 6.5 kB
AccessibleHyperlink.idl 7.1 kB
AccessibleHypertext.idl IAccessibleText 3.7 kB
AccessibleImage.idl IUnknown 2.9 kB
AccessibleRelation.idl @defgroup grpRelations Relations Use the following constants to compare against the BSTRs returne 6.2 kB
AccessibleRole.idl Collection of roles This enumerator defines an extended set of accessible roles of objects implem 9.2 kB
AccessibleStates.idl %IAccessible2 specific state bit constants This enum defines the state bits returned by IAccessib 6.3 kB
AccessibleTable.idl IUnknown 19.1 kB
AccessibleTable2.idl IUnknown 12.5 kB
AccessibleTableCell.idl IUnknown 5.3 kB
AccessibleText.idl A structure containing a substring and the start and end offsets in the enclosing string. IAccess 24.6 kB
AccessibleValue.idl IUnknown 4.0 kB
IA2CommonTypes.idl These constants control the scrolling of an object or substring into a window. This enum is used i 7.8 kB
IA2TypeLibrary.idl 2.1 kB