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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
AboutHomeUtils.jsm 1.6 kB
BrowserNewTabPreloader.jsm 7.4 kB
Makefile.in 837 Bytes
NetworkPrioritizer.jsm This module adjusts network priority for tabs in a way that gives 'important' * tabs a higher prior 5.8 kB
NewTabUtils.jsm 21.3 kB
SharedFrame.jsm The purpose of this module is to create and group various iframe * elements that are meant to all d 7.5 kB
SignInToWebsite.jsm 9.1 kB
Social.jsm 4.7 kB
TelemetryTimestamps.jsm This module's purpose is to collect timestamps for important * application-specific events. * * T 1.8 kB
WindowsJumpLists.jsm Constants 19.4 kB
WindowsPreviewPerTab.jsm This module implements the front end behavior for AeroPeek. Starting in * Windows Vista, the taskba 23.4 kB
offlineAppCache.jsm 596 Bytes
openLocationLastURL.jsm 2.7 kB
webappsUI.jsm 5.4 kB
webrtcUI.jsm 4.2 kB