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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
CmdTilt.jsm gcli 4.7 kB
Makefile.in 506 Bytes
Tilt.jsm initializing 9.9 kB
TiltGL.jsm Module containing thin wrappers around low-level WebGL functions. 46.6 kB
TiltMath.jsm Module containing high performance matrix and vector operations for WebGL. * Inspired by glMatrix, 64.9 kB
TiltUtils.jsm Module containing various helper functions used throughout Tilt. 16.1 kB
TiltVisualizer.jsm 63.8 kB
TiltVisualizerStyle.jsm Various colors and style settings used throughout Tilt. 1.3 kB
TiltWorkerCrafter.js Given the initialization data (thickness, sizes and information about * each DOM node) this worker 8.5 kB
TiltWorkerPicker.js This worker handles picking, given a set of vertices and a ray (calculates * the intersection point 5.7 kB