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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 278 Bytes
action.py Run the add-tasks task. This function implements `mach taskgraph add-tasks`, and is responsible 5.9 kB
action.yml Helps schedule new jobs without new push 1.9 kB
create.py 4.9 kB
decision.py 7.9 kB
docker.py Build a context.tar for image with specified name. 7.1 kB
files_changed.py Support for optimizing tasks based on the set of files that have changed. 2.3 kB
filter_tasks.py Generator to declare a task filter function. 902 Bytes
generator.py 10.2 kB
graph.py Generic representation of a directed acyclic graph with labeled edges connecting the nodes. Gra 4.2 kB
optimize.py Perform task optimization, without optimizing tasks named in do_not_optimize. 6.4 kB
parameters.py An immutable dictionary with nicer KeyError messages on failure 2.5 kB
target_tasks.py Get a target_task_method to pass to a TaskGraphGenerator. 12.0 kB
taskgraph.py Representation of a task graph. A task graph is a combination of a Graph and a dictionary of ta 3.0 kB
try_option_syntax.py 23.3 kB