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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 0 Bytes
android_version_code.py 7.3 kB
artifacts.py using a simple 48.3 kB
base.py Emit the parent directories of a path. 31.0 kB
chunkify.py Split an integer into evenly distributed list >>> split_evenly(7, 3) [3, 2, 2] >>> spl 1.6 kB
config_status.py ============= ADVERTISEMENT You are building Firefox for Android. After your build completes, you c 6.8 kB
doctor.py Disable the last access time feature? This improves the speed of file and directory access by deferr 10.9 kB
dotproperties.py A thin representation of a key=value .properties file. 2.6 kB
html_build_viewer.py 3.6 kB
jar.py jarmaker.py provides a python class to package up chrome content by processing jar.mn files. See th 22.6 kB
mach_commands.py What to build. Can be a top-level make target or a relative directory. If multiple options are provi 62.1 kB
makeutil.py Provides an interface for writing simple makefiles Instances of this class are created, populat 5.8 kB
milestone.py Returns the alpha and beta tag with its number (a1, a2, b3, ...). 2.1 kB
mozconfig.py Raised when a mozconfig location is not defined properly. 17.9 kB
mozconfig_loader 1.7 kB
mozinfo.py Build a dict containing data about the build configuration from the environment. 5.3 kB
preprocessor.py This is a very primitive line based preprocessor, for times when using a C preprocessor isn't an opt 28.0 kB
pythonutil.py 721 Bytes
shellutil.py Parses a given command line string and creates a list of command and arguments, with wildcard ex 7.2 kB
sphinx.py 4.7 kB
testing.py Rewrite paths in a test to be under a new base path. This is useful for running tests from a se 24.2 kB
util.py Wrapper around the exec statement to avoid bogus errors like: SyntaxError: unqualified exec is 46.6 kB
vendor_rust.py Ensure that cargo is new enough. cargo 0.12 added support for source replacement, which is r 8.0 kB
virtualenv.py Contains logic for managing virtualenvs for building the tree. 21.9 kB