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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
arm.h ARMv5TE "Enhanced DSP" instructions. 1.0 kB
arm_cpudetect.c 3.9 kB
bitops.h 1.8 kB
config.h 525 Bytes
emmintrin_compat.h From emmintrin.h (gcc 4.5.3) 1.7 kB
emms.asm 872 Bytes
mem.h Indicates that the usage of the specified variable has been audited to assure * that it's safe to u 2.0 kB
mem_ops.h \file * \brief Provides portable memory access primitives * * This function provides portable pri 6.8 kB
mem_ops_aligned.h \file * \brief Provides portable memory access primitives for operating on aligned * data 7.2 kB
msvc.h 867 Bytes
system_state.h 734 Bytes
vpx_once.h Implement a function wrapper to guarantee initialization * thread-safety for library singletons. * 3.9 kB
vpx_ports.mk 791 Bytes
vpx_timer.h Win32 specific includes 2.7 kB
x86.h 9.2 kB
x86_abi_support.asm 9.4 kB