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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
bitstream.c 41.8 kB
bitstream.h 670 Bytes
block.h motion search site 4.3 kB
boolhuff.c 2.7 kB
boolhuff.h Bool Coder header file 3.1 kB
dct.c 2.4 kB
dct_value_cost.h Generated file, included by tokenize.c 26.0 kB
dct_value_tokens.h Generated file, included by tokenize.c 59.4 kB
defaultcoefcounts.h Generated file, included by entropy.c 9.3 kB
denoising.c SSE_DIFF_THRESHOLD is selected as ~95% confidence assuming * var(noise) ~= 100. 27.7 kB
denoising.h 3.6 kB
encodeframe.c 39.9 kB
encodeframe.h 1.2 kB
encodeintra.c 3.5 kB
encodeintra.h 888 Bytes
encodemb.c 15.5 kB
encodemb.h 1.3 kB
encodemv.c 8.7 kB
encodemv.h 862 Bytes
ethreading.c 22.9 kB
firstpass.c 110.6 kB
firstpass.h 941 Bytes
lookahead.c Return the buffer at the given absolute index and increment the index 5.3 kB
lookahead.h \brief Initializes the lookahead stage * * The lookahead stage is a queue of frame buffers on whic 3.2 kB
mcomp.c 59.7 kB
mcomp.h The maximum number of steps in a step search given the largest allowed * initial step 3.4 kB
modecosts.c 1.5 kB
modecosts.h 664 Bytes
mr_dissim.c 7.6 kB
mr_dissim.h 780 Bytes
onyx_if.c 182.8 kB
onyx_int.h 19.3 kB
pickinter.c 50.5 kB
pickinter.h 1.2 kB
picklpf.c 11.8 kB
quantize.h 1.2 kB
ratectrl.c Bits Per MB at different Q (Multiplied by 512) 55.5 kB
ratectrl.h return of 0 means drop frame 1.3 kB
rdopt.c 76.0 kB
rdopt.h 4.1 kB
segmentation.c 2.0 kB
segmentation.h 806 Bytes
temporal_filter.c 13.9 kB
tokenize.c Global event counters used for accumulating statistics across several compressions, then generati 13.9 kB
tokenize.h TODO: The Token field should be broken out into a separate char array to * improve cache locality, 1.4 kB
treewriter.c 954 Bytes
treewriter.h Trees map alphabets into huffman-like codes suitable for an arithmetic bit coder. Timothy S Murp 3.2 kB
vp8_quantize.c 18.1 kB