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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
dboolhuff.c 1.9 kB
dboolhuff.h This is meant to be a large, positive constant that can still be efficiently loaded as an immedia 3.5 kB
decodeframe.c 40.8 kB
decodemv.c 17.6 kB
decodemv.h 660 Bytes
decoderthreading.h 948 Bytes
detokenize.c ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Residual decoding 5.6 kB
detokenize.h 731 Bytes
ec_types.h The area (pixel area in Q6) the block pointed to by bmi overlaps * another block with. 1.4 kB
error_concealment.c Regenerate the table in Matlab with: * x = meshgrid((1:4), (1:4)); * y = meshgrid((1:4), (1:4))'; 17.9 kB
error_concealment.h Allocate memory for the overlap lists 1.2 kB
onyxd_if.c 13.4 kB
onyxd_int.h 4.2 kB
threading.c 30.0 kB
treereader.h Intent of tree data structure is to make decoding trivial. 1.2 kB