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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
__init__.py 0 Bytes
jittests.py Return a relative version of a path 28.5 kB
manifest.py Return JS that when executed sets up variables so that JS expression predicates on XUL build 15.1 kB
progressbar.py 3.8 kB
results.py Output from a test run. 11.5 kB
tasks_unix.py Spawn one child, return a task struct. 6.7 kB
tasks_win.py 4.6 kB
terminal_unix.py color: str - color definition string 957 Bytes
terminal_win.py From Andre Burgaud's Blog, from the CTypes Wiki: http://www.burgaud.com/bring-colors-to-the-windows- 2.9 kB
tests.py Build a dict of additional environment variables that must be set to run tests successfully. 6.8 kB