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Name Description Modified (UTC) Size
Allocator.cpp imposed minimum size 20.5 kB
Allocator.h 1.2 kB
AtomMarking.cpp 10.2 kB
AtomMarking.h 2.6 kB
Barrier.cpp 5.6 kB
Barrier.h let 34.7 kB
FindSCCs.h 5.8 kB
GCInternals.h This class should be used by any code that needs to exclusive access to the * heap in order to trac 4.9 kB
GCRuntime.h 57.7 kB
GCTrace.cpp 5.6 kB
GCTrace.h 1.7 kB
GCTraceFormat.h Each trace is stored as a 64-bit word with the following format: * * 56 1.7 kB
Heap-inl.h 1.4 kB
Heap.h 47.9 kB
Iteration.cpp 5.2 kB
Marking.cpp 109.1 kB
Marking.h When the native stack is low, the GC does not call js::TraceChildren to mark * the reachable "child 14.9 kB
Memory.cpp 27.0 kB
Memory.h 1.8 kB
MemoryProfiler.cpp 1.2 kB
Nursery-inl.h 2.6 kB
Nursery.cpp inl 29.8 kB
Nursery.h 17.6 kB
NurseryAwareHashMap.h 6.4 kB
Policy.h JS Garbage Collector. 4.8 kB
RootMarking.cpp 18.3 kB
Rooting.h 3.8 kB
Statistics.cpp If this fails, then you can either delete this assertion and allow all * larger-numbered reasons to 50.7 kB
Statistics.h 16.4 kB
StoreBuffer-inl.h 1.8 kB
StoreBuffer.cpp inl 3.8 kB
StoreBuffer.h BufferableRef represents an abstract reference for use in the generational * GC's remembered set. E 16.6 kB
Tracer.cpp Callback Tracer Dispatch ******************************************************************* 13.0 kB
Tracer.h 6.2 kB
Verifier.cpp 15.7 kB
Zone.cpp 12.6 kB
Zone.h 30.9 kB
ZoneGroup.cpp 1.7 kB
ZoneGroup.h 2.9 kB